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The status bar allows you to easily view general useful information about the current aMule session.

It is usually placed at the top of the main window:

But it can be on the left side of the main window (this can be changed through Preferences):


Following is a description about all the buttons available in the toolbar.

Connection/Disconnection button

This button connects and disconnects aMule to/from the allowed and available networks. It is the first button in the toolbar.

When aMule is connected to no network at all, it looks like this:

In such state, when the Connect button is clicked, aMule will attempt to connect to all allowed networks (allowed networks are those allowed in Preferences -> Connections). If no network is allowed, it defaults to the ed2k network.

Once it is attempting to connect to the network(s), the button will change to a Cancel button:

When in this state, if the button is clicked, the connection attempt will be canceled and aMule will be back disconnected from all networks.

Once aMule connects to any of the networks the button will become a Disconnect button:

Now, when it is clicked, it will disconnect aMule from all networks.


The following buttons just change the main aMule window to display one or other window:

The Networks button switches aMule to the Networks window.

The Searches button switches aMule to the Searches window.

The Transfers button switches aMule to the Transfers window.

The Shared Files button switches aMule to the Shared Files window.

The Messages button switches aMule to the Messages window.

The Statistics button switches aMule to the Statistics window.

Access buttons

The last three buttons allow access to special windows which offer aditional information or capabilities to aMule, but are not directly integrated into the main window:

The Preferences button opens the Preferences window.

The Import button opens the Import sub-application.

The About button opens the About window.

The about window is just an information window which shows aMule's version, copyrights, slogan, disclaimer, contact or information addresses, or other useful information:


Quick Reference
Number Description
1 Connect/Disconnect to/from all networks
2 Switch to Networks window
3 Switch to Searches window
4 Switch to Tranfers window
5 Switch to Shared Files window
6 Switch to Messages window
7 Switch to Statistics window
8 aMule Preferences
9 Open part files importer
10 About window
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