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I wrote few lines on 'howto' compile aMule on IRIX SGI O2. Please, have a look and see if it's worthy to add to the main page. Thanks.

HOWTO_O2 Gaznevada


thanks you very much for your howto install amule on debian merci beaucoup au revoir
You're wellcome ;-)

Nothing, it is with pleasure TheLinuxFr

Maybe you should upgrade mediawiki ? Version 1.2 is a bit old, 1.4 is probably the minimum you want, 1.5 is getting out soon :)

Yes, I guess. I already asked deltaHF some months ago, but he looks too busy lately. I'll tell him again anyway to see if this holidays... ;)

Two lines in aMule *Mule features could be deleted:

  • the spanish (?) one in search functions
  • the one : aMule can also update it's server list as it connects to other clients. as its included in the line before it.

regards, pogi

About the second one, oh, you're right. I merged that one with the above one and then forgot to delete it :) thanks

About "the spanish (?) one in search functions"... I just saw what you meant... you are DEFINITELY right ;) thanks again

Yes! Be alive! 16 dec. 2006

I wondered. What did it happen with you?
I'm happy, seeing your name in active, again.
I don't know. Toss him in lack.