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Is question 4 ("aMule starts but is never shown but works fine. What's going on?") still relevant?

I'm referring to the first paragraph: "This commonly happens when you set the type of systray integration, in Preferences -> General -> Misc Options, to Minimize to trayicon which starts aMule minimized."

There's no longer a systray integration in Preferences -> General -> Misc Options. Only two options: "Minimize to tray" and "Start Minimized"

Hi everyone, how is it possible to edit the server.met which is by default on the amule ED2K servers section field ? by default, i have ocbmaurice, but i would like to put in this place by default. i think to remember that someone told to compile a more recent version of amule from a cvs. is there somewhere a tutorial on where to get the right xcode project file ? and how to handle it to make it work under leopard ? thx.

Not allow the anonymous writing for a time

It seems that there's a robot that doesn't stop to send garbage to this page. I believe that you could change the writing permission in her.

Preview with MPlayer

I found that using the following script helps greatly:

exec 0</dev/null
exec 1>/dev/null
exec 2>&1
exec gmplayer -ni -idx "$@"

Save it as, say, mplayer-amule, put it in your PATH and use it as the preview command.