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Name: ED2KLinks

Location: ~/.aMule/


The ED2KLinks file is an interface to communicate with aMule. Inspite of the External Connections interface, this interface is mono-directional. and inspite of the Online Signature interface, this one is in-going.

It consists of a regular text file in aMule's directory (in *nix systems that is at ~/.aMule/) which contains the eD2k links aMule should download.

As soon as aMule detects that file's existence, it reads it, starts downloading the links in it, and deletes the file.

It is also rarely used to special commands to a running aMule instance.


The links are listed one after the other separated with newlines. The file should end with a newline right after the last ed2k link.

If a line contains only RAISE_DIALOG then aMule, when it reads it, will raise it's window if it was minimized.


The following is the contents of a valid ED2KLinks file:



It might be of your interest to read this part in the aMule FAQ.