Changelog 2.2.4

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Version 2.2.4 - The "we didn't have a .4 version since... well... long ago" version.



  • Plugged various memory leaks.


  • Add comment to desktop file to allow autostart in Gnome


  • Compilation fix for gcc-4.3.2.


  • Compilation fix for IRIX.
  • Fixed file handles on IRIX.


  • Fixed compilation of Format.cpp for some platforms.
  • Fixed wxWidgets socket library initialization.
  • Fixed partfile importer destroying imported data.
  • Separated GUI and core code in partfile importer, thus fixing occasional crashes/hangs.
  • Fixed GeoIP-enabled builds crashing on 64b boxes.
  • Added another common URN ID to the Magnet link handler.
  • Switch to the 'busy' cursor while bringing up the preferences window.
  • Ported several Kademlia fixes and improvements from eMule0.49c:
    • Fixes on handling incoming packets with port zero.
    • The Kad UDP firewalltest now asks several clients for its external port, avoiding to get a wrong "Open" state on NATs which change the source port on each request but behave like a Full-Cone otherwise.
    • Made sure a received Kad routing answer doesn't contain more contacts than requested. [Xin Sun]
    • Kad no longer allows more than 2 IPs from the same subnet within one routing query reply (except on LANs).
    • Kad routing query contacts are checked against the routing table.
  • Implemented non-interactive mode for amulecmd/amuleweb.
  • Fixed detection of crypto++ library for versions >= 5.6.0.
  • Fixed saving wrong window position when exiting while minimized.
  • Fixed rare case when we tried to connect to a LowID client.
  • MSW: detect WinSock API version needed by GeoIP.
  • Fixed libbfd sometimes depends on libintl, with help from PacoBell.


  • Fixed static linking with GeoIP on MinGW/MSYS.
  • Fixed detecting GeoIP library when building for MinGW.
  • Compilation fix with GeoIP-1.4.6.

Stu Redman:

  • Fix crash on global search on Windows
  • Fix splitter bar position in transfer window not restored properly
  • Caught some insane upload requests
  • Fixed finished files sometimes getting rehashed (thanks to Skolnick)
  • Added restart warning if the ED2K network was re-enabled.
  • Fixed Windows lag when opening preferences dialog
  • Fixed creation of ED2K links with AICH (thanks to Archmage)
  • Remote Gui shows a dialog box with a reason on connection failure
  • Changed fix for wrong ordering/placing of clients in the download window so that sort order is again like in 2.2.2.


  • Add Asturian language
  • Updated INSTALL file
  • When EC authentication fails, close connection before we send the response.
  • Tell the user why the EC connection failed.

Special Thanks To:

  • wires for the strenuous testing on 64-bit