Changelog 2.1.2

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Version 2.1.2 - The "We're on fire!" version



  • Fixed some warning messages.
  • Fixed windows compilation.
  • Fixed compilation in release mode.


  • Fixed initialization of Partfile, Server and Knownfile objects on remote GUI. This fixes a good bunch of bugs, including but not limited to:
  • 0000741: the total speed possible is incorrect.
  • 0000774: Amulegui show comments ->segmentation fault.
  • 0000605: Incorrect ICH statistics data
  • 0000812: amulegui: wrong ed2k ports in server list
  • 0000776: amulegui segfaults
  • Fixed potentionally huge memory leak on EC. This is the main focus of this release, but that didn't stop us from adding more stuff ;)
  • Fixed "0000809: Amulegui: Changing toolbar orientation shows the Import button."
  • Reworked core/GUI comment handling to allow for future display of comments on remote GUI, and meanwhile, added an nice message to notify it's disabled.
  • Fixed "0000738: Set search type to KAD if only KAD is selected as usable networks in settings"
  • Fixed amule.conf not being saves on remote preferences change.
  • Fixed ping time on servers, down to msecs resolution now.


  • Prevent bad_alloc thrown on invalid connection attempts on EC.
  • Adding support for 64-bit filesize to webserver and php


  • Display "Share Ratio" in shared files list.


  • Compilation fix for auto_ptr<> on Mac.
  • Fixed crash on amulegui when exiting.
  • Fix for CheckDirExists() for empty directory string.
  • Slightly more informational error message in amuleweb when the template is not found.
  • Fix for bug in ReadyPath() function.
  • Create a backup of the log file upon init.
  • Added SOCKS4a support.


  • Fix for wrong filename string in IPFilter.dat.


  • Added check if locale could be set, before adding the language to the options dialog.


  • Ensured that partial files left from failed file-completion attempts would be removed.
  • Fixed crash on remote gui when attempting to reload the ipfilters.
  • Fixed sorting of servers by ping-time, such that servers without a known pingtime are sorted last.
  • Added a "Password incorrect" message to the login pages, for when login failed. Also added a warning in case no passwords were set.
  • Ensured that known-file objects are properly initialized on the remote gui. This among other things fixes not all of the items on the sharedfiles list showing a 'has-comment' flag.
  • Compilation fix for GCC 3.2.
  • Fixed CheckDirExists not working for root-paths (on both windows and linux) and not handling all types of path-seperators on windows.
  • Fixed security problems with aMuleWeb:
  • All images could be accessed, even when not logged in, and this included dynamically generated images, such as progress bars and graphs, resulting in various information leakage.
  • It was possible to craft an URL such that any image on the harddisk would be returned, provided that the full path was known. File types were decided by the filename extension and included 'gif', 'jpg', 'ico', 'png', 'bmp' and 'jpeg'.
  • When logged in, it was possible to craft an URL such that any html or php file on the harddisk would be returned, provided that the full path was known. File types were decided by the filename extension and included 'html' and 'php'.
  • Decreased the minimum value for Max-Connections in the preferences dialog to 5.

Special Thanks To:

  • The usual people
  • From Kry: to the one that makes it all worth it.
  • quinox, for helping us find the security hole in aMuleWeb.