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This is the recomended distro for using aMule. Its name (Yellow Socks With Pink Spots) is a joke on "Red Hat" and you have just been pwned, in Xaignar's words.

<Kry> you know, I never liked that name

<Kry> "Red Hat"

<Kry> it's like, I'm going to do a distro named "Yellow socks with pink spots"

<Kry> now THAT would rock.

<Kry> What do you use? "Yellow socks with pink spots"

<Citroklar> let's start YSWPS

<Kry> how's that for a cool pwn?

<Kry> hum.

<deltaHF_> LTR

<deltaHF_> thats a name

<deltaHF_> Linux That Rocks

<deltaHF_> ;p

<nich> O.o

<Citroklar> YSWPS to be the first distribution to feature aMule-2.0.0 on the installation cd.

<Citroklar> now how would THAT be?? :-D

<Kry> well, false

<Kry> as Kanottix does :P

<deltaHF_> let us just create a distri called aMule that includes aMule ;P

<Citroklar> ups

<nich> bleh... still better than the generic "<Platform> OS" or "<company>'s <main gui feature>" we see out there

* deltaHF_ wonders what the users thinks about us now ;p

* nich doesn't

(extract from #amule on irc.freenode.net)