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uberpenguin (sometimes spelled überpenguin, which isn't supposed to be German as he explains, but has something to do with his affinity for the umlaut) is difficult to classify. Not really a developer, but more of an 'official bystander' to the *mule saga. uberpenguin has had this vague relationship since the lMule days (pre-xMule, pre-aMule). Contrary to common impression, he has never actually contributed a single line of code to any of the *mule main sources (the official word is he hates high-level language programming, but it's really just an excuse). As useless as he seems, uberpenguin is actually responsible for the original xMule logo, the aMule 2.0 logo, several pieces of artwork related to *mule, and AMPS (the dynamic statistics PHP script that will be much more relevent when aMule 2.0 is released).

uberpenguin (who, if you haven't noticed, hates having his alias capitalized) has an Interwebsite here and can be contacted through the various mediums described on that site, etc, etc. uberpenguin is the official Harbinger of the Krokodil. uberpenguin is probably non-existant.