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The systray icon is an icon that usually appears in the notificatoin area and pretend to provide an accessible to see how aMule is doing and manage some basic funcitons.



By clicking twice in the icon it will rise/hide the main aMule window.

By right clicking the icon a menu will appear.

This menu provides the following functions:

  • aMule version: The first item displays aMule's version
  • Speed Limits: Current upload (UL) and download (DL) limits
  • Download Speed: Currently downloading speed
  • Upload Speed: Currenly uploading speed
  • Client Information
    • Nickname: Your username
    • ClientID: You ID
    • ServerName: The server you are connected to's name
    • ServerIP: The server you are connected to's IP
    • IP: Your IP (if known)
    • TCP Port: Standard client TCP port used
    • UDP Port: Extended client UDP port used
    • Online Signature: Whether Online Signature is enabled or not
    • Uptime: Time aMule has been running
    • Shared Files: Amount of shared files
    • Queued Clients: Amount of clients in your upload queue
    • Total DL: Total amount of data downloaded ever
    • Total UL: Total amount of data uploaded ever
  • Upload Limit: Set the upload limit
  • Download Limit: Set the download limit
  • Disconnect: Disconnect from the networks
  • Connect: Connect to the networks
  • Show aMule: Shows the main aMule window
  • Hide aMule: Hides the main aMule window
  • Exit: Close aMule


The icon itself varies depending on the status of aMule.

The vertical bar by the right of the mule shows the download speed percentage (based on the bandwidth capacities set in Preferences).

The mule head in the icon itself also reports abot the status of aMule. In this case, it's colour is the key:

Icon Description Not connected to any network Connected to one or more networks but all of them with Low ID Connected to one or more networks and one or more of them with high ID status


If you leave the mouse cursor for some seconds over the systray icon a tooltip will appear.

A tooltip is just a message box with some basic useful data.

aMule's systray tooltip has the following format:

aMule (Up: <Up> | Down: <Down> | <Status>)


  • Up: Currently uploading speed
  • Down Currently downloading speed
  • Status: aMule's connection status. Can be Connected or Disconnected