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Hi there,

I've been trying to get the amule web server going, I have go through the step EXACTLY as shown on and I have checked and double checked the setup, however when I connect to port 4711 with my web browser I am left staring only at a white background, and the browser is left waiting for a replay from the server.

I can see that I am getting a connection since I can see it with TCP dump on the ethernet port.

Any ides ? and what is aMule.tmpl for ?


Please ask at aMule's forums, not here.
aMule forums:

Why is the page locked? I would like to add some comments (like how to run amuleweb in the background, which isn't easy), but I can't.

It's unlocked now. Some pages have been locked sincesomeone sometime has deleted all its contents. webserver page is one of those ;-) feel free to update it as you like now :-) btw, rc6's webserver will have a -q or --quiet option to run in background easily :-) so it'll be easier for you to update this page hehe