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To successully compile aMule in my Sarge I had to create a link like this:

ln -s /usr/include/crypto /usr/include/cryptopp

because the make process searchs for config.h in cryptopp directory, not in crypto .

They might have hanged the pathnames again. Thanks for the info :-)
The problem is that both crypto and Debian's crypto package have been changing the pathnames in order to suit, and this has become a mess. hehehe
Anyway, since next aMule release (it is currenly already implemented into aMule CVS) crypto will no longer be needed since it's necessary functions have been coded into aMule.
Again, thanks for the info!

28/09/04 - stk : A small error in step 8 : remplace "ls -s /usr/include/crypto /usr/include/cryptopp" by "ln -s /usr/include/crypto /usr/include/cryptopp" ;)

Thanx a lot! Fixed.

other info : In my Sarge, with libcrypto 5.1_5.1-5_i386.deb and libcrypto -dev_5.1-5_i386.deb package, I have an error : ld cannot find lcryptopp..

so, I have made a link with this command : "ln -s /usr/lib/libcrypto /usr/lib/" and run ldconfig -> it work !

I completly forgot to answer to you :-( i added your comment to the howto some long time ago. thanks :)

jeremie :

Installing 200rc6 is a piece of cake with your advices. (sarge on 20041019)

No more fuss about crypto and so on, just apt-get the packages, then configure / make / make install.

It takes 5 minutes.

Thanks for the names of the dependancies.

Very much thanks for your words! Makes me feel batter :)

Works just fine in Ubuntu

I just wanted to let you know that this HowTo also applies just fine to "HowTo Compile in Unbuntu". Sure, anyone would have probably guessed that, but I can confirm it now... :-)

Hey! Thanx! THat is indeed an important note since Ubunto is being so successful and popular lately. I'll try to fix it somewhere to link ubunto users there too :)

Hi, I had problems with the libcurl2-dev. Is libcurl3-dev the actual package?

Yes, you can use libcurl3-dev without any problems. In fact, thatnks for the note, i just changed it to point to liburl3 in the guide ;-)

17/05/2005 Hi, I don't want compile amule :-), so I add deb testing amule and

deb testing wx in my  /etc/apt/sources.list. But apt-get update