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where are the files downloaded saved...?

The temporal files are stored in ~/.aMule/Temp while the completed files are stored in ~/.aMule/Incoming

Have in mind that ~ is your home directory (that could be /home/john or /home/mark_smith etc) and that directories and files which's name begin with a dot character (.) are "hidden", so you have to set your filebrowser to show hidden files.

No router, but LowID and no connectivity; any help?

We connected to cable modem via D-Link for VoIP, but eliminated D-link and connected directly from cable to cable modem to G5.

I loaded servers, but can't keep a connection due to LowID errors.

Any suggestions?


Yes: USE THE FORUM FOR HELP, NOT THE WIKI Kry 23:42, 24 Jun 2006 (CEST)