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I thought that FAQs should be:
DONE: FAQ on aMule -> General questions on aMule usage and features (most of it already on the current FAQ I guess)
FAQ on (aMule) compilation problems -> The frequent problems users encounter when compiling: wxGTK linked to GTK, wxWindgets != 2.4.2, ex-config linked to wx_base, etc...
DONE FAQ on (aMule) problems -> Problems which users might ecnounter but are not really bugs like: Set aMule to sys tray when no systray is available, what to do when *part.met are lost, all downloads paused (no free disk space), etc...
DONE: FAQ on the ED2K-Kademlia network -> ED2K related stuff (most of it already on the current FAQ I guess)
DONE: FAQ on (aMule) utils -> Related to WebServer, CAS, wxCAS, amulecmd, XAS, astats, xchat-astats, and webservergui and amulecmdgui (and whatever appears to fit)

I already started writting on local files (that is, here on my computer ;-) ) FAQ on aMule problems and compilation problems, so it'd be nice if someone (maybe Stefanero?) could do the FAQ on utils part.

Searching for "icon" did not reveal the FAQ entry about the icons. Searching on "icons" did reveal it. Why?

Wiki searhes for keywords only on headlines and page titles. Sorry, that's the way it is :( and, of course, it searches for complete words. So there you have the reason.

There are some strange links at the very end of the source. Looks like a spam to me.

Oh God, i thought we had removed all that spam... thanks a lot. please remove those links henever you find them if there are any remaining somewhere

Doubled words since since

Thanks, fixed :) Feel free to fix any error you see

Have a look at this section:

The only ones you can't share between aMule and eMule are the program configuration (that is, preferences.ini in eMule and ~/.eMule in aMule)

I guess it should be ~/.aMule/amule.conf (the corresponding configuration file) instead of ~/.eMule. I'm not sure it's a mistake. That's why I don't fix it myself. :-)

Yes, you're right once again ;-) .eMule was the old name, before 2.0rc releases

OK, then I will substitute ~/.eMule for ~/.aMule/amule.conf in this and russian article, but what about other languages?

I'll replace it on those, don't worry

I have a question about question 5 "What do those numbers in brackets in the sources column of the searches window mean?". I see three numbers in the sources column, of which two are in brackets (one in "normal" brackets and one in square brackets). What do they mean?