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Rates provide an evaluation of a file's quality. Depending on this evaluation, different icons can be shown by the file's name in the Transfers and Shared Files windows.

Possible rate values are:

  • Not rated: This is not considered a rate since it is the default value and simply means you have not rated the file
  • Invalid / Corrupt / Fake: Rate it this way when the file is corrupt or a fake
  • Poor: The file is valid but its quality is poor
  • Good: The file is valid and its quality is good
  • Fair: The file is valid and its quality is better than good
  • Excellent: The file is valid and its quality is excellent

Rates can come with a comment.

On aMule, you can see a file's rates by right-clicking the file and selecting "Show all comments".

To submit a new rate or change your rate, go to the "Shared Files" tab, right-click the file and select "Change this file's comment...".