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What is lphant?

lphant is a quite young client for the ED2K network. The offical website describes it as follows:

The project main task is to write an eDonkey client written in c# using the .NET framework. The Kernel will be a separate .NET object (dll), thus Interface and Kernel separate code will allow remote controlling, running as a service, custom interfaces, and will allow other developers to make easily new eDonkey clients using any programming language supported by .NET without having to implement the eDonkey protocol, simply by using the lphant .NET Kernel object. A Complete interface will be developed and a simpler one written in Visual Basic to use by other developers as a sample.

Since that was written, lphant ideology suffered several changes. Now it's a closed-source client that bundles adware/spyware. Being closed source, there's no way to know what it bundles or does anymore.