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Whenever a translation is done, some articles must be editted to link to it, so that the translated article is accessible.

This linking process is done in the following way:

  • The original article and any translation of the same article will add a link to the rest of translations of the article displaying, as the link's text, the name of the language the article has been translated to in that language with a leading capital letter.
Example: If the article FAQ aMule was translated to spanish, FAQ aMule would contain a link to FAQ aMule-es displaying the text "Español" (which means "Spanish" in spanish).
  • A part from the links to the other translations, it must contain a text in bold displaying the article's language in that language.
Example: If the article FAQ aMule was translated to spanish, FAQ aMule-es would contain the text "Español" (which means "Spanish" in spanish).
  • All the links and text explained above must be separated one another by a pipe-character (|) surronded with one space character on each side (" | ").
Example: English | Español
  • In which order the languages are displayed si aphabetically depending on the appendix.
  • The languages must all be written to sepearate lines, each line starting with the link and ending with the " | " sequence. Dont's leave blank lines or <br>-tags in there, this would break the lines, and the selection would be on more than one line.
English | 
Français | 
Nederlands | 
  • Finally, if any translated article refers to another article which is already translated into the language of this article, the link must point to the translated article.

Examples of all this can be seen in Main Page, Main Page-es, FAQ aMule, FAQ aMule-es, and lots more around this wiki.