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Compiling aMule/aMuleWeb on Solaris 10 or 11 beta x86

Compiling aMule/aMuleWeb on Solaris x86 is not a straight-forward process. There are some issues, like Solaris having its own iconv and libintl libraries, its own make command, its own linker (ld) and assembler (as) commands, having a strange default PATH, not having by default some commands and libraries required or them being outdated and having different versions of some commands on different paths. This page is what I used to compile aMule starting from a fresh, just installed Solaris x86 OS. YMMV if you have installed other libraries or software.

Solaris 11 only: Read this

It has been reported that under Solaris 11, aMule compiled fine using this compiler: more info can be obtained in this thread:


First of all, this guide assumes you are using bash as shell (included in solaris 10 and higher). Some steps might be different if you use a different shell.

Install wxGTK

  • Set your path like this:
export $PATH
Hint: this configure line worked for me: ./configure --enable-unicode --with-gtk=2
Note: blastwave has packages for wxGTK but they are outdated and will not work with aMule.                                       
  • Symlink the GNU utilities in /usr/sfw/bin to their "right" names (gar=ar, gld=ld, gmake=make, ggrep=grep, gtar=tar, granlib=ranlib, etc...) somewhere in your path. I sym-linked them to their same directory (/usr/sfw/bin). Do not symlink gas to as, since it will not work when compiling cryptopp.

Install cryptopp

  • Get the cryptopp library 5.5.2 from compile it and install it to /usr/local. Do not use cryptopp 5.6.0, it will make aMule segfault when compiled (no idea why).
Hint 1: To compile, just change to the folder and type gmake.
Hint 2: To install cryptopp, just copy libcryptopp.a to /usr/local/lib and copy *.h to /usr/local/include/cryptopp

Install other misc needed software

  • Use the pkgutil script to install some required libraries, which do not come with Solaris, or the versions which come will not work for aMule:
    • autoconf
    • automake
    • flex (flex_new, so it will be 2.5.33 or newer, don't forget to link /opt/csw/bin/flex_new to flex)
    • libtool
    • GNU sed (gsed)

Install them with:

/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -i autoconf automake flex_new libtool gsed

These packages will install to /opt/csw tree

  • Symlink the GNU utilities in /opt/csw/bin to their "right" names (gsed=sed, gawk=awk, flex_new=flex, etc...) somewhere in your path. I sym-linked them to their same directory (/opt/csw/bin).

Install GeoIP

  • Set these environment variables:
CPPFLAGS='-I/usr/local/include -I/opt/csw/include -I/usr/sfw/include'
LDFLAGS='-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib -L/opt/csw/lib -R/opt/csw/lib -L/usr/sfw/lib -R/usr/sfw/lib'
Hint: this configure line worked for me: ./configure

Install gd

Hint: this configure line worked for me: ./configure

Install libUPnP

Hint 1: this configure line worked for me: ./configure CFLAGS="-DSPARC_SOLARIS" --disable-samples
Hint 2: I needed to add this at the beginning of the file upnp/src/api/upnpapi.c, along with the other #include lines:

#include <sys/sockio.h>

Install aMule

  • If you are compiling a SVN version of aMule, run the script. If not, ignore this step (you should first edit this file, and change the first line from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash else, it will fail with an error.
  • Configure aMule. I used these options, but feel free to remove the ones you don't need:
./configure --enable-webserver --enable-amule-daemon --enable-amulecmd --enable-amule-gui --enable-cas --enable-wxcas --enable-alc --enable-alcc
--disable-embedded-crypto --with-crypto-prefix=/usr/local/ --enable-geoip --enable-optimize --disable-debug --with-libupnp-prefix=/usr/local
  • Type gmake, press <ENTER> and hope for the best.
  • If compilation went OK, install aMule with: gmake install.
  • ENJOY!

This guide was used for compiling aMule and aMuleWeb on Solaris 10 and 11 beta for x86. I have no idea if it will work or not on previous Solaris releases or on SPARC, but it should. Also, if you got aMule compiled using other Solaris than Solaris 10 or 11 beta, please tell me how you did, or if this guide worked for you or any extra things you had to do, etc.

The versions I used for this wiki (the last time I tried it) are:

aMule2.2.6, cryptopp 5.5.2, wxGTK 2.8.10, GeoIP 1.4.6, gd 2.0.35 and libupnp 1.6.6.

Last, but not least, this guide works only for aMule versions (either SVN or release) starting March 7th/2005, no previous aMule version will compile on Solaris following this guide.

Thanks goes to all the aMule dev team, specially Kry, who helped me a lot, and ken for the CPPFLAGS tip.