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On 2005-11-21 09:33, Kry invited ppl, especially aMule-users and -friends, to join "aMule on frappr!". About a week later, he asked for 1k (1024) members. An aim, which was reached about 2005-12-11 14:37.

"frappr!" is short for "Friend Mapper", and lets you see the zip code where your friends live or work, letting you find out who of them works in the office building next door and who lives in the apartment complex across the street. Members can place a red pennant onto their location, which is displayed in a map then and gives you a clue, how well aMule already is spread all over the world. ;)

NOTE: aMule is a separate project and is not related with "frappr!" in any way (apart using its service to show several locations of the aMule community members).