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Fake Servers

Some servers manipulate search results to spread viruses or DRM infected windows media files and make the search function unusable. The user usually notices a lot of small files with a very high number of sources, with file names containing the search keyword and a "catch phrase".


  • Secured Downloading of [keyword] with New Secured eMule0.47c.zip
  • [keyword] Web hottest videos personal player.exe

Other fake servers are supposedly collecting information about users and will not deliver sources or search results.

Many of these server mimic known good servers and take over their names and description, therefore it is very important to connect only to good servers.

To verify if a server is potentialy faked, you can get some server information on http://edk.peerates.net website, wich provide a verified servers list daily updated and some network statistics.


In order to avoid these problems, one should delete all unknown server from the server list. aMule versions prior to 2.2.0 will update the server list by default when connecting to a server or client and add fake servers to the list.

This can be disabled in the server section of the preferences.

Good Servers

Known good servers:


Another solution is to disable the usage of ed2k and servers altogether and use only Kademlia. This should not result in fewer sources or a lower download, but searches and source finding will take longer.

The usage of the ed2k network can be disabled in the connection section of the preferences.