Changelog 2.0.0-rc3

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Version 2.0.0rc3 - The 'Target: Stability' version



* win32 stuff


* Fixed >2Gb files sorting bug on transfer window.


* Fixed saving preferences when clicking OK and not only on shutdown.
* Configure stuff
* Cas related stuff


* i18n stuff
* Minor timer fix ;-)


* Fixed already downloading files not being marked as such on search results.


* Improving and fixing cas
* Added capability to create pngs with cas
* Fixed ed2k fast links handler


* Complete rewrite to emule 0.42x ed2k network code
* Rewrite of hashing thread. Also added a timeout to save resources. It times out after 1 min without hashing or receiving new files to hash, or 1 min since last hash, and dies gracefully.
* Fixed the crash on startup if incoming/temp folder are on FAT32
* Added Safe Max Connections code to Preferences -> Tweaks. This code will help all people with USB modems and crappy routers to not hang them.
* Identify to lugdunum > 16.45 with our proper extended version tag (2.0.0)
* Fixed & rewrote stats:
Added Shareaza & lphant
Fixed mldonkey stats (do they have to change their compatible number this often?)
Added aMule / eMule / eDonkey proper version handling
Dynamic tree of client versions (no more void versions)
Fixed the xmule inflated statitics on the stats tree
* Rewrote client icons handling
Use alpha channel to show the extended protocol and secure ident
Added Shareaza, xmule, lphant, bad_guy and unknown client icons
* Fixed chuck selection. Much, much, much, much faster downloads. Back to the 1.2.6 speeds :-)
* Fixed Win32 compilation
* Fixed lowID warning message on start being void.
* Proper Win32 and Mac disabling of the vertical preferences
* Severe bug on wxRadio button on RseInt was preventing ANY radio button on preferences from working.
* Fixed crash on 'cancel' while downloading server list.
* Fixed a UpdatePartsInfo missing on KnownFile.cpp
* Fixes the fake-check custom browser textfield
* Added wxNB_MULTILINE to preferences notebook.
* Minor issue on the chunk selection (thanks to AndCycle on eMule forum)
* Fixed a SEVERE mem access issue on the hash of the file id to check on knownfilelist.
* Fixed a SEVERE memory bug on sending the shared folders
* Fixed not sending the incoming and categories folders when sharing folders.
* Fixed 'Friends' working as 'None' on 'view shared' preferences.
* No more [0xy.part] on preview of completed files
* Fixed the FAT32 rehashing of files on startup
* Fixed filters not being used on right click on main transfer tab -> new status
* Changed known file list from wxHashMap to std::map
* Fixed auto-update server list at startup and added posibility of multiple servelist urls too
* Fix for files publishing, reported by lugdunum to eMule/aMule developers.
* Proper use of ClearHelloProperties that fixes some crashes related to a var not being init.
* Added MOD_VERSION to hello type packets (just for CVS versions)
* Fixed packet processing on EMSocket error.
* Changed the full part (9.28Mb) lower limit for preview to 256Kb
* Added 'LI0' to the evil GPL doer checks.
* Bugfixes on the KnownFile::UpdatePartsInfo code.
* Added new verbose client info checkbox, to find out which clients are sending bad data.
* Fix UDP socket for Win32
* Re-added the timed part file buffer flush()
* Custom language support added
* Fixed FAT32 incoming/temp warning messages only shown on one of the folders.
* Fixed issues on packet unzip and crash on OP_CANCELTRANSFER already sent
* Added aMule 1.x / 2.x / CVS versioning.
* Thread-safe log lines adding using a queued loglines list.
* Completion Thread revamped --> No longer crashes, no longer asserts, and it's much nicer.
* Fixed safe_delete (again)
* Fixed some memleaks
* Changed some CLists to wxLists
* Cleanup and fixing little bugs ;-)
* Fixed assert & possible crash on queue list control
* Disabling options when no item is selected
* Fixed client icons


* Disable autobacktrace on win32
* Removed wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER style from fast ed2k links handler (fixes assert)
* The following modifications to CamuleDlg::AddLogLine() function:
Now uses system locale for date/time formatting.
No longer asserts.
Now also works on win32.
* Removed unused m_StateImageList
* Code cleanup

one_2_one, hoschy007:

* MacOSX stuff


* Fixed multiple file download bug in webserver search section
* Fixed ed2k download link
* Fixed categories for web interface
* WebSocket.* & WebServer.*: now uses wxThreads and wxSockets to be cross platform.
* Better threads' array remove in WebSocket
* WebServer cleanly stopped before exit
* Fixed max 2Gb display bug in amuleweb
* Updated aMule.tmpl: added file %complete support in transfer list


* Wrote wxcas based on cas from falso
* Enable auto-refresh and Fix GPL headers (wxcas)
* Add system load and uptime (wxcas, Linux only)


* cas: better layout and fixes
* Fixed a pair of memleaks


* Fixed negative percentages in downloadlist ... again ( Disp.8 )
* Fixed the "free(): Invalid pointer" bug ( Misc.10 )
* Fixed PowerShare priority level not being saved. ( Tran.9 )
* Fixed the problem where it wasn't possible to select auto-priority in the uploadlist after having selected another priority ( Tran.8 )
* Cleanup of Search Dialog:
The reset button is now properly enabled/disabled depending on the contenst of the text fields
Fixed a bug where searches would be limited to 2gb if max size was set to a value less than min size
The popup-menu for the notebook now works as expected ( SRCH.1 )
The popup-menu will now only show when right-clicking within the bounds of the notebook (DISP.12)
* Fixed the green progressbar on downloads always displaying 100%. ( DISP.9 )
* aMule will no longer display warnings about not being able to find server.met when a new server.met is saved and no old copy exists.
* known.met is now auto-saved (1) when 30 files have been hashed, (2) when 300mb worth of files have been hashed, (3) and when all files have been hashed. This is to reduce the chances of having to rehash all files after a crash.
* Now uses the user-selected browser for fake-checking and such. ( PREF.3 )
* Further update of the Chat Page:
Pages can now be closed like the ones on the Search Page
Double-clicking on a nickname will open a chatsession for that friend
When a nickname is updated in the friendlist, the assosiated tab is updated as well
* Other stuff


* Fixed mldonkey detection based on the MLDK string

Special thanks

* All the bug-reporters, helpers, translators and users at
* niet & bootstrap for DNS & CVS service
* Jacobo221, stefanero for their help and support on forum and all the other stuff ;-)
* lugdunummaster for providing support on version tags and new features of lugdunum servers
* As usual thx to eMule & wxWidgets devs and everyone i forgot ;-)