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Version 2.0.0-rc1 - The 'Mules and Rabbits love carrots' version



* Implemented SecureIdent (SUI) (imported from eMule 0.30x). This mean your credits will be lost on first run. There is no way to avoid that. Sorry :) Same happened with eMule.
* Send sources request for files added from search page first.
* Rewrote MuleNoteBook from gtk to a cross-platform implementation. The code is already used by xMule too, so I guess they liked it.
* Fixed most of > 2Gb bug, except the dom's contibution you can scrolling down ;)
* Made the .part.met load/save 100% compatible with eMule.
* Fixed the Safe_Delete bug. Seems it arised when we made the app too fast ;)
* Random usable position of the server split.
* Added bluecow's fix for zlib compressed packets.
* Even safer .met saving
* Added preferences checkbox for new style / old style tabs on preferences (vertical/horizontal)
* Checked for protocol limits on file size.
* Now client detail dialog show Secure Ident State (Not Supported/BadGuy/Not Complete/Verified)
* Added itoa to the MFC layer
* Added SetLength to CFile (MFC compat layer)
* Fixed hangup on message sending.
* Moved Fast ED2K show to GUI tweaks
* Slugfiller's Secure Hash (imported from eMule 0.30x)
* Fixed GetTickCount code returning signed value
* Fixed GetTickCount code not initializing the vars.
* Moved the FILE* to CFile for furter compatibility of code.
* Added the first version run detection
* Removed some Yield() code that only slowed init.
* Simplified systray menu by only showing what needed. Thanks to jadrian for the feature request.
* Grayed non-working Preferences options to avoid confusion and to make the developer life easier selecting what to do ;)
* Fixed CTag new structure (imported from eMule 0.30x)
* Removed the mostly useless wizzard.
* Fixed the DoSwap crash on swapping A4AF sources. (hopefully)
* Fixed the log auto-scrolling up on messages window.
* Fixed the Upload bug that arised during endian changes.
* Added the Arabic, Chinese & Finnish compatibility on loading
* OpenBSD compatibility fixed
* Mac port 99% done, next version will be Mac compatible. Some final bugs to be fixed ;)
*) .met files loading/saving (except knownfiles.met)
*) .dat files loading/saving
*) 99% of the preferences bugs.
*) Compilation and linking.
*) Error popups relates to c_opaque colour.
* Starting sync with eMule 0.42
* Speedups on Partfile Process nd DownloadQueue process.
* New 'server version' colum on server list window.
* MUCH safer packet handlig - avoids crashes on 99% of wrong tags.
* Fixed Dirs number on 'view shared'. Made aMule/eMule assert ;)
* Made download queue list refresh on a nicer way (much less glitches).
* Fixes an assert for invalid menu entry on right click queue popup.
* Mayor speedup on Highlight server (and thus on server connect/disconnect)
* Prevent removing the server we're connected at, either directly, on in a list of servers to delete, or in removing all servers. Warn the user with a message Box and then leave it non-deleted. Fixes crash.
* Fixed hangup on message sending
* New IPFilter code (reload & on/off)
* Added checkboxes on GUI Tweaks tab for download progress % and Bar drawing.
* Fixed a severe memleak on the % showing and speeded it up.
* Save 5 sources on rare files (<20 sources)
* New SetFileSize code to avoid cpu usage.
* Removed the List Show/Hide and slider that made too much problems on 1.2.6. Safer version (and better) will be on 2.0.0 final.
* Speedups on Hash thread.
* Safer corrupt detection on FAT partitions. I'm sorry if it rehashes every file on your system on restart, will be fixed.
* The file pause because of diskpace shows now on aMule logs
* Fixed BackUp file to REALLY backup instead of moving.
* Added code to check 0-size .part.met and load backup if needed.
* Fixed types.h and wintypes.h for proper Win32/Mac/linux compatibility.
* Added ECSocket code as common implementation for interaction between different UIs (webserver, amulecmd, etc).
* Fixed intercomunication for little endian <-> big endian machines on ECSocket.
* Speedups on Endian Swap code & proper wxWindows way to detect it.
* Changed CArray to wxArray on most places for safety.
* Added configure code for detection of the crypto++ includes/libs
* Fixed buggy curl-config on Mac including -mi386.
* Removed useless files: TabCtrl.*
* Fixed several bugs, memleaks, warnings and one mem corruption
* Code cleanup


* Added the client detail dialog item for Securehash
* Fixed sockets.cpp includes for non-debian systems ;)
* Added Arabic, Chinese & Finnish to languages in Preferences


* Configure now checks for crypto++ libs
* Added --with-crypto-prefix option to configure
* Possibile Fix to ListenSocket::Safe_Delete() seg fault
* Added ccache support to configure, no variables tricks needed
* Added --with-ccache-prefix option to configure
* deleted --enable-libcwd option from configure
* deleted useless libcwd debug files and code from whole project


* Made Fast ED2K Links Handler optional. Something like the old Frankk's ED2K Links Handler patch.
* FakeCheck using Original idea and implementation by deltaHF.
* Clean(er) fix for splashscreen-creation compiler warning (unused variable
* Moved project/muuli.wdr to src/muuli.wdr
* ED2K-Links.HOWTO fix for some aMule/eMule error
* Added -ggdb -fno-inline to debug compilation flags
* Automatic category assignment for new downloads
* Updated AUTHORS file to reflect original eMule authors and give credit to original Linux port author (Timo Kujala aka Tiku)
* Win32 port 99% operative, next version will be Win32 compatible

Emilio Sandoz:

* complete re-write of preference handling to make it table-driven in both file-I/O and dialog
* improvements in feedback given during dialog interaction


* Added highlighting of the connected server in server list
* Enabled and fixed setting the server version


* Some fixes on web interface file type search, and code cleaning
* Fixed amule crash when closing socket
* size_t seems to break Mac compilation - anyway uintt6 is enought for messages
* Modified RseStringEncrypted. Now we encrypt passwd just (and only) when changing them in prefs' dialog. So, now we use always encrypted passwords, noone in clear neither in memory or disk
* Check if we're able to use TCP ports (lacks what todo if not but we can accept EC. do nothing atm = EC disabled)
* Added "AMULEDLG SHOW" to EC available commands
* WebServer now use the more correct _("") for localized strings
* Created WebInterface.{h,cpp} for the web interface, and cleaned WebServer.{h,cpp} code


* Helped with OpenBSD port by providing a workbench

Ganael Laplanche:

* FreeBSD port fixes

PowerMike, hellimod:

* Helped a lot on future Mac port by giving ssh & vnc access


* New toolbar icons (thx to
* Added & enabled chinese, danish and hungarian translation
* Preferences (added/changed):
IP-Filter reload and on/off buttons
securehash -> secure ident
media info
max connections: 25-7500
upload queue: 500-1000
max new connections / 5 sec: 5-500
remove dead servers after: 1 >
tcp port: 80 > (for users with bad ISP's .. but remember -> running aMule as root is unsecure !!!)
add new files (dl & share) with auto priority: off by default now (if running aMule for the first time)
* Updated the header of all files
* Changed wxWindows to wxWidgets
* "Donated"


* Donated :-)


* CVS support

Torsten SCHULZ:

* Added the % showing on progressbars.


* Modified network code for big-endian systems
* Fixed preferences bug
* Fixed copy ed2k link to clipboard
* Fixed CArray for MFC compatibility
* More rigid compatibility to MFC types
* Fixed misformatted strings and several warnings in WebServer.cpp


* Code cleanup in amule.* and otherfunctions.* and other files
* The Cleanup button in the File Details dialog no longer replaces "&" with "&&"
* Max connections should be correctly set on windows platforms, instead of defaulting to 500
* Finished the CArray -> wxArray conversion
* Fixed ECSocket compilation with gcc < 3.3
* Fixed segfault on close.
* Some other fixes


* External Connections are now only done when configuration tells us so (thanks to tonar from #amule)
* crypto++ detection fix


* Win32 compilation Support & Development.

hellimod, PowerMike, godard, hoschy007:

* MacOSX compilation support


* Found the last > 2GB bug ;)

Special Thanks To:

* All the bug-reporters, helpers, translators and users at
* eMule developers for their support. Long life to *Mule
* FreshIRC & Freenode irc admins
* People at #gentoo on freenode for their support, specially ferringb
* The Testing Team:
thepolish, efe, Citroklar, bizzY, KamiKazeNH, and anyone testing aMule.
* New translators:
Chinese: nbfnw
Arabic: hathalsal
Finnish: eQualizer
Russian: Elf
Italian: GhePeU, sNeo
Portuguese (BR): KamiKazeNH
Korean: BlueSpring
Spanish: JonathanShields
Danish: nowlin
Hungarian: biger [HUN]
Galician: thorero
Hebrew: denisliber
* All aMule users!!!