A random day in aMule development

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This example conversation is taken from the aMule development channel, where we plan global domination and monkey-slaving.

<Xaignar> I was thinking of it was a fucked translated string
<Kry> wxString CastItoSpeed(uint32 bytes)
<Kry> {
<Kry>    if (bytes < 1024)
<Kry>        return wxString::Format(wxT("%u %s"), bytes, _("bytes/sec"));
<Kry>    else if (bytes < 1048576)
<Kry>        return wxString::Format(wxT("%.2f %s"), bytes / 1024.0, _("kB/s"));
<Kry>    else
<Kry>         return wxString::Format(wxT("%.2f %s"), bytes / 1048576.0, _("MB/s"));
<Kry> }
<Kry> this one crashes to
<Kry> get the pattern?
<Xaignar> Yes! Functions are unstable! We must move everything into main()!
<Kry> yup
<Kry> let's go.
<Xaignar> But! Main is a function! We are doomed! Doomed!
* Kry pokes uberpenguin
<Xaignar> We must switch to asm immediatly!
<Kry> asm has functions!
<Xaignar> Fuck it! We'll have to write our own functionless OS!
<Kry> we can't!
<Kry> because to write it, we have to use a program, and programs hav functions!
<Kry> hence poisoning all!
<Xaignar> No! There is hope! We just need a magnetic needle and a steady hand!
<Kry> or or we can search for those card-oriented programming old computers!
<Xaignar> But I hardly know any cardgames!
<Kry> Nor do I!
<Kry> let's use monkey to code
<Kry> bugginess of function will be nullified by cooleness-fu of monkeys.
<Xaignar> But where will we get the bananas!?
<Xaignar> And how will we stop strangers from punching our monkeys!?
<Kry> we can use banana-flavoured siroup on strangers, and monkeys will eat them.
<Kry> see, 2 problems solved-
<Xaignar> But eating guillible end-users will surely cause the monkeys to become so fat that they can't hold the hole-punchers!
<Kry> you're wrong, because the monkeys are always using those hamster-like-wheels to power the computers
<Kry> making a truly independent environment.
<stefanero> Kry, shoudl we maybe include amps in our sourcecode? to be able to "fix" it a little faster ;)
<-- Kry has kicked stefanero (don't interrupt global domination plans!)

And uh, yeah, it's like that everyday.