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The aMule wiki is of public use. Any one can edit its unprotected pages as long as:

  • No valid information is lost.
  • The contents of the edit are related to the topic of the document and the links which refer to it.
  • The contents of the document must also be related to the type of document it is, depending on the document name's prefix:
    • User: Description of a user or person (who might be referred through a popular nickname).
    • Talk: Comments and discussions about the document with it's same name but without the Talk: prefix.
    • Any other: Any document with a general purpose.
  • No useless, injuring or illegal information is added.
  • No copyrighted work is submitted without permission of the owner.
  • The user editing the document realizes he/she is responsible for the edit.
  • Anyone editting this wiki must know that the information must be and will be GNU FDL licensed.

Please register (if not registered already) and log in before editing.

Testing pages must have English titles which clearly identify the article as a test. You can fill it with bogus and useless data as long as it's not longer than double the size of the largest article existing in this wiki. All the rules defined in this policy are applied to that testing page too, except for those conflicting with this paragraph.

Please note that anyone can share aMule's wiki's contents as long as it is following the GNU FDL this wiki's articles are subjected to.

Keep in mind that the aMule wiki pages are released with aMule as its documentation, so please keep it up-to-date and serious.

Feel free to suggest, add, delete, talk, edit, register, etc... as long as you follow all of the rules mentioned above in this policy.

As a side note, make sure the contents of your edit follow your country's law (and any other environmental law you are subjected to) and the law of the country where aMule's wiki's server is placed (and any other environmental law it is subjected to).

Last, please try to follow the rules set in the help document and to link articles as much as you can, to keep them verbosely and recursively informative. Only the first appearance of a word in an article must be linked, except if it is a copyrighted word (copyrighted words must link to the copyright holder's homepage on every single appearance of the word).

And remember: "aMule" is spelt "aMule". That is a lower-case "amule" with an UPPER-CASE "M"!

aMule,, the aMule team or any other person or entity will take no responsibility for the edits as long as they haven't been deliberately done by them.