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This window provides an easy way to view the comments and rates the selected file has been given by other users.

It is a very good way to detect fake, corrupt or bad quality files.


The users rates and comments are listed in the big list box.

Each line contains the following fields:

  • Username: The client's username
  • File Name: The name the client has given that file
  • Rating: The rate the client has given that file
  • Comment: The comment the client has given about that file

The line at the bottom right shows hum many rates and/or comments are being listed.

Clicking the Refresh button will update the list if any new commetns and/or rates have been recieved while the comments window has been open.

To close the window, just click the Close button.


Comments quick Reference
Number Description
1 Number of comments/rates being listed
2 List of comments/rates
3 Refresh the comments/rates list
4 Close the window
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