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This tool automatically integrates eDonkey2000 part files into aMule so you can continue your eDonkey2000 downloads with aMule.


Adding files

To import an eDonkey2000 part file first click on the Add imports button.

A Window will appear were you will select the directory where eDonkey2000 temp files are (or you can type it down in the text box) and click OK (or Cancel to exit the window without adding any directory to import).

Notice you can display/hide (checking displays, unchecking hides) hidden directories by checking/unchecking the Show hidden directories checkbox. You can go directly to your home directory by clikcing the home button (the button with a house image) and you can create new directories by clicking on the buton with a brilliant folder.

You will be asked if you want to delete the original files of those part files which are successfully imported into aMule. Answer appropietly: Yes to delete original files, No to keep them or Cancel to cancel the importing of the directory.

If any eDonkey2000 file is found, it (ot they) will be added to the import list.

Managing the import list

As soon as a file gets into the import list, if no other file is being imported, it will begin being imported. If another file is being imported already it will be enqueued to be imported later.

!!! Possible to select more than one???

You can remove (or cancel) files fom the import list by clicking the Remove selected button.

Also, if a file fails to be imported, you can retry importing it by selecting it again and clicking the Retry selected button.

View progress

At any moment, you can know which directory is being imported because it will be shown in the top box title.

If this text shows Waiting... this is because no files are being imported at that moment and it is waiting fo new directories to be added to the import list.

While files a file is being imported a progress bar will be drawn on the top of the window so you know how far it is going with importing that file. Also, a percentage is printed by the progress bar, slightly above it.

You will also know more about the importing progress from the messages that will be printed above the progress bar.

This are the possible messages you could read in the title and their meanings:

Message Description
Fetching status... Reading configuration and setting up things
Reading temp folder Searching for part files in the selected directory
Retrieving basic information from download info file Getting the necessary information from the part file to begin the conversion
Creating destination file Allocating needed disk space
Loading data from old download file (current_file of number_of_files) Storing for covnertion the current_file-th out of number_of_files files in the import list
Saving data block into new single download file (current_file of number_of_files) Storing the converted file which is the current_file-th out of number_of_files files
Copy Copying/moving part file file
Retrieving source downloadfile information The file converstion has apparently succedded. It will now be copied/moved to its final location and additional information wil be grabbed (such as the file gaps which are to be downloaded, etc)
Adding download and saving new partfile Part file has been totally converted to aMule's format and is now being added to aMule's download queue

Columns descriptions

The following columns provide descriptions about each file in the import list:

Message Description
Filename The path to the directory to be imported or the file name being imported
State Describes the importing status, as described below
Size Displays the original file's size and the space needed in disk to allocate the converted file (in brackets)
Filehash Resulting file hash of the file

This are the possible texts you could read in the State column and their meanings:

Message Description
Completed The file has been successfully converted
In progress The file is being converted
Error: Out of diskspace The file could not be converted because there is not enough free space in disk
Error: Partmet not found No .part.met file was was found in the directory for that file
Error: IO error! Read or write error when covnerting the file (possible lack of permissions)
Error: Failed! General error when converting the file
Queued The file is waiting to be converted
Already downloading The file is already in your aMule downlod queu so it will no be converted
Unknown or bad tempfile format. The file does not have a known or valid format

Close the importer window

When you are done importing all your eDonkey2000 part files, click the Close button to exit the importer tool.


Notice that the list dialog does not allow sorting not shiwing/hidding columns, but it still allows chaning the column's sizes (as explained here though the size will net be remembered.

And no, it is not possible to clear the import list. It is only cleared on aMule's restart.


Importer quick Reference
Number Description
1 Path to file being imported
2 Percentage completed of file importing
3 Importing file grafphical progress display
4 List of importing files
5 Add files to import
6 Retry importing selected file if it failed
7 Importing progress messages
8 Remove selected file from the importing list (if it has net been processed yet)
9 Close window

Directory browse window quick reference
Number Description
1 Create a new directory
2 Go to your "Home" directory
3 Browse your file system
4 Display/hide hidden directories
5 Path to the directory containing the files to import
6 Accept the path and begin imoprting the files in it
7 Close the window without importing any files
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