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A testing field is a virtual eD2k network. That is, a local (or maybe not local, but yes limited) network run only by your clients.


To run a testing field you must do the following:

Set up and run an eD2k server. The purpose of this document is not to teach you to do this, since there are many different eD2k servers around. Once you decide for one, read it's documentation.

If the server allows you (most probably it will) and you wish, limit it to only detect your clients (the range of IPs the clients in your test field use).


Once the server is running, open your clients but before connecting them to any server, use IPFilter to limit the clients it can connect to.

Using an aMule IPFilter-compatible client (remember aMule's IPFilter is compatible with eMule's) you can use the following as your ipfilter.dat file (this one allows connections only from IPs in the range - , 000 , all internet - , 000 , all internet

Now, enable IPFilter in your client. In aMule, go to "Preferences"->"Security"->"IP-Filtering"->"Enable IP-Filtering".

Finally, connect all clients to your server. If your aMule client refuses to connect to the server in your testing field, try disabling "Preferences"->"Security"->"IP-filtering"->"Always filter bad IPs" (on aMule versions previous to 2.0.0-rc8 this option can be found in "Preferences"->"Server"->"Always filter bad IPs")

NOTE: In some clients the server will also have to be in the non-filtered IPs range in order to allow it to connect. Anyway, aMule isn't one of those clients.