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While you stay at our IRC channels, we expect you to follow these rules. You are expected to have read and understood this page. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse.

The most basic of all rules is: Have manners.

Failure to comply with the rules can result in kicks, temporary bans and even permanent bans depending on the severity of the transgression.

What you must do

  • Speak English. For other languages, visit our forums.
  • Since many people speak English as a second language, you should make sure that what you are writing is proper English, and understandable.
  • Search before you ask. In many cases, your questions have already been answered before. Places to search include, the Forums, the Wiki and Google.
  • Private conversations should be conducted via a query (/query <nick>).

What you must not do

  • You must not violate any of your country's laws nor any of the European Community laws nor any of the USA laws nor any of the international laws while staying at any of our channels. Sounds funny? Well, it's not.
  • You must not talk about anything that doesn't regard directly (in the most strict way) to aMule as an application. Exceptionally, you may ask questions about the ed2k and Kademlia protocols, but an answer is not guaranteed.
  • You must not talk, directly or indirectly, about any copyrighted non-free (in the beer way) material.
  • You must not provide any URL which's contents break any of our channels rules.
  • You must not provide any ed2k link.
  • Do not flood. If you need to share large ammounts of text, use a pastebin service such as
  • You must not use any bots in the channels unless some channel operator allows you to do so.
  • Do not spam. That includes scripts, away-messages, advertising, repeatedly asking the same question, etc.


  • Have patience. If nobody is answering your question, it may be because nobody is around to read it, or nobody present knows the answer.
  • Use the latest stable aMule release.
  • Distro specific questions, should go the distro's channel or forums. Mostly because we won't know the answer.

What if a rule is not clear?

These rules are made by the channels operators. If you are uncertain about some particular rule or other, you can either assume the worst or ask if you have understood them correctly.

However, since we have not yet merged into a Borg collective, different operators may interprent the rules differently. If an operator confronts you with doing something another operator told you was ok, let the second operator know (including who told you so). If the operator that tells you not to do something is Kry, you're doomed.