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What is aMuleWeb?

Take a look at this.

How can I setup aMuleWeb with aMule v2?

To configure it, please follow this HowTo.

How can I setup aMuleWeb with aMule v1?

Read this HowTo, but be aware that using aMule v2 is recommended and that aMule v1's aMuleWeb has some security bugs.

What should I see when aMuleWeb is running correctly?

After running amuleweb in a terminal, you should see something like this:

Web Server: Started
WSThread: Thread started
WSThread: created service
WSThread: created socket listening on :4711

Can I run aMuleWeb as a daemon?

Since aMule 2.0.0-rc6, aMuleWeb supports --quiet switch (or -q also) which renders allows aMuleWeb to be easily run on the background.<

However, on previous aMule releases, although aMuleWeb works well, it's actually quite tricky to run it in the background because it's continuously asking for user commands and showing the prompt. The obvious way to avoid this would be running amuleweb with the output redirected to /dev/null, but this hogs the CPU due to the constant writing, so a better approach is to use the program screen, which is a terminal emulator. In order to run aMuleWeb inside a virtual terminal, the following command should be executed: screen -d -m -S amulewebsession amuleweb -p 7000 -pw password (assuming that aMule is listening for External Connections on port 7000 and the password is password). Then, aMuleWeb will start listening for HTTP connections, but will show the prompt and all messages in this virtual terminal. It's possible to switch to this terminal using the command screen -r amulewebsession, please refer to screen documentation for info about session switching, internal commands, etc.

Why is aMuleWeb failing to connect?

If you followed the above HowTo correctly, make sure that you are using an aMuleWeb binary distributed with the same release as the aMule binnary. For example, aMuleWeb binary from the aMule 2.0.0-rc3 release will not connect with aMule 2.0.0-rc4, aMule 2.0.0-rc2 or any other version (including v1 versions).

Why i always get "No password specified, login will not be allowed." in amuleweb login page with aMule 2.2 (or CVS), even if i followed correctly how to set passwords, or i already did that successfully in aMule 2.1.x?

Please make sure to follow the HowTo_get_aMule_web_interface#Configuration_of_the_aMule_web_interface, line by line (especially end of article), some behaviors changed in aMule 2.2. Make sure to configure amuleweb in monolitic amule or amulegui and before using amuleweb --write-config (unless you know exactly what you are doing). Verify in the file ~/.aMule/remote.conf if the keys Password and AdminPassword are set with a md5 encrypted password value.

Why does the web interface keep going back to the login page ?

Try deleting the cookies from the web browser.