Changelog 2.2.2

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Version 2.2.2 - The "Similarity." version



  • Patch for alcc to improve usability


  • implement getopt_long in cas for systems which lack it


  • Fixing denoiser
  • include <sys/types.h> before <regex.h> as by POSIX
  • Fix noinline in crypto for some systems
  • Fix display of ccache option
  • Add sources from search results for new downloads
  • Use output of gdlib-config for gd.h detection
  • Solaris mntent fix
  • wxMSW fix
  • Fix NULL pointer dereference
  • Fix for configure not using --with-geoip value in library check
  • Added pkg.m4 from pkg-config-0.23
  • Ported Kademlia Protocol Version 8 from eMule0.49b.
    • Kad now ignores multiple IDs pointing to one IP in routing request answers
    • When calculating the total user count, Kad now uses (if available) the real number of firewalled clients for the calculation instead a fixed value. This will take more effect when 0.49+ nodes become common
    • Kad no longer tries to add UDP firewalled (and therefore mostly unreachable) nodes into its routing table, reducing overhead and increasing reliability [Idea: Netfinity]
    • Optimized the Kad packettracking code to only track packets which we check later, to save resources
    • Fixed a bug which let Kad sometimes assume a Kad2 contact to be Kad1 after probing for both versions
    • Did first small step in dropping Kad1 support by not probing unknown Kad contacts for Kad1 anymore to save overhead. Kad1 clients will nevertheless still be work for now.
    • Several changes were made to Kad in order to defy routing attacks researched by University of Minnesota guys [Peng Wang, James Tyra, Eric Chan-Tin, Tyson Malchow, Denis Foo Kune, Nicholas Hopper, Yongdae Kim], in particular:
      • Kad contacts will only be able to update themself in others routing tables if they provide the proper key (supported by 0.49a+ nodes) in order to make it impossible to hijack them
      • Kad uses now a three-way-handshake (or for older version a similar check) for new contacts, making sure they do not use a spoofed IP
      • Unverified contacts are not used for routing tasks
    • When reading a nodes.dat without any verified contacts (possible an old file version), aMule will assume all contacts to be verified to avoid slowing down the connecting process
    • Implemented a special nodes.dat file version suitable for mass distribution.
  • Fixed not sending sources for clients that did not announce their part availability.
  • Fixed all list columns being disabled in case of invalid data in config file.
  • Fixed directory tree not available.


  • Fixed: Incorrect SX packets sent, plus no reply to out-of-multipacket SX as a bonus


  • Remap colours on Windows
  • Add resources
  • Fix wrong usage of CPath::IsOk which caused an infinite loop on Import
  • Fix wxTempFile usage for compressed IPFilter files


  • Removed the dlopen() code from UPnP.cpp.
  • Added the m4 macro to test for libupnp.
  • Updated to work with --with-libupnp-prefix.
  • Changed the UPnP code to allow the use of a service without having successfully subscribed to it. That should be enough to deal with some lazy router implementations.
  • Do not unregister if no service is found
  • Save the found service even if subscription has failed
  • Fix for initialization of "resultstr" in cryptopp.m4.
  • Fix for message "Duplicate partfile with hash..." in DonwloadQueue.cpp. It was using deleted corrupted data.
  • now uses -a flag in unzip so that cryptopp files are properly converted from DOS text format.

Stu Redman:

  • Scanner fix for MSVC compilation
  • Fixed crash when progress bar was resized to zero width
  • Fixed sharing of large files on Windows
  • Fixed free disc space check
  • Sanity check before writing nodes.dat - don't write it if there are less than 25 contacts
  • Download List sorted on startup
  • Splitter bar position in transfer window is restored again
  • Fixed a GDI resource leak for Windows


  • Show connection status in toolbar when changing skin, thanks to greek


  • Fix window resize problem on Mac OS X
  • Fix for packets being lost in EC communication. Fixes aMuleGUI not updating after a while.