Changelog 2.1.3

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Version 2.1.3 - The "We missed the 6/6/6 devil release and we're very sad" version




  • Fixed control-clicking (right-clicking) on tabs in notebooks on the Mac.
  • Fixed SmartLowID checks based on a patch/report by eyalzo.


  • Fixed GonozsTopi's fix for locale bug (double init).
  • Added script to import mldonkey downloads into aMule.
  • Fixed "0000867: French traduction is uncorrect grammatically".


  • Allow amulecmd to execute a global, local or kad search. Then you can get the results, which are shown in a list. From that list you can choose one file to download.

Special Thanks to:

  • Me, because I'm the only one bothering to compile the changelogs. Go me!