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Name: casrc

Location: ~/.aMule/


This file contains the configuration for the CAS application which is shipped with aMule.


Each line is considered as a configuration parameter except those strictly beginning with a # character.

Parameters are in the form <parameter> <value>

Available parameters are:

  • font : Path to the font to use in the generated image
  • font_size : Size to use in the image font
  • source image : Path to the image to use as source for the generated image (background)
  • template : Path to the HTML template to use to generate the HTML page

Any non-comment and non-parameter line will be considered a line placement. Line placements define where text will be placed in the generated image. The first line placement line found will be used to place the first line in the image, and so on with the second line placement found..., third one, fourth one, fith one and sixth one. Only the six first line placements will be read, the rest are ignored. A line placement definition is as follows:

<identification> <x_position>,<y_position>,<enable>


  • identification can be any text that will allow you to identify what that line is. CAS will ignore the identification.
  • x_position defines the space left, in pixels, from the right most side of the image to the beginning of the text line
  • y_position defines the space left, in pixels, from the top most side of the image to the beginning of the text line
  • enable defines if that line should be written into the generated image


This is the default configuration

# cas config file
# font - full path to a ttf font
# font_size - size the font
# source_image - image where the text will be writen
# *_line - x,y,[1/0] enabled or disabled
font /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/times.ttf
font_size 10.5
source_image /usr/share/pixmaps/stat.png
first_line 23,19,1
second_line 23,36,1
third_line 23,54,1
fourth_line 23,72,1
fifth_line 23,89,1
sixth_line 23,106,1
template /usr/share/pixmaps/tmp.html
  • First 5 lines are comments and are ignored.
  • Line 6 is not a valid configuration parameter or line placement, so it is ignored too.
  • font line defines /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/times.ttf as the font to use in the lines in the generated image.
  • font_size line defines the font size to use in the image to 10.5 pixels in height.
  • source_image line defines /usr/share/pixmaps/stat.png as the source image to use for the generated image (you can think of it as a background image).
  • first_line line defines the first text line to start 23 pixels from the right of the image, 19 pixels from the top and to be written (enabled).
  • second_line, third_line, fourth_line, fifth_line and sixth_line' lines work similar to first_line.
  • template line defines the template HTML to use for the generated HTML file.


  • Line placement identificators cannot be any of the parameters: font, font_size, source_image, template.
  • Non-recognized lines are ignored.

You might want to see the tmp.html file article to know how to generate or modify CAS's HTML template.