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C aMule Statistics

A program written mainly because of the slowlyness of aStats. I (falso) was also learning C at the moment so I tried to make an application that would have some use, so here it is.


Console Statistics

aMule CVS has been running for 1 D 00 h
fALSO is on Max[PT] Sado [] with HighID
Total Download: 171.36 GB, Upload 188.96 GB
Session Download: 475.42 MB, Upload 832.46 MB
Download : 2,3 kB/s, Upload : 10,0 kB/s
Sharing : 98 file(s), Clients on queue: 237

Online Signature Image

Totally configurable Online Signature

# cas config file
# font - full path to a ttf font
# font_size - size the font
# source_image - image where the text will be writen
# *_line - x,y,[1/0] enabled or disabled

font /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/times.ttf
font_size 10.5
source_image stat.png
first_line 23,19,1
second_line 23,36,1
third_line 23,54,1
fourth_line 23,72,1
fifth_line 23,89,1
sixth_line 23,106,1

Missing Features

Create an HTML file with all the Statistics

It's work in progress (almost done). Will be on next aMule release as CAS version 0.5.


Email me your patches, or talk to me on IRC.


The uptime string comes internationalized from aMule

I dont know how to fix this, help is needed.