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What is a bug?

Possible definitions for a bug (in computer software context):

  • Error
  • Malfunction
  • Design flaw

That is, any unexpected behaviour in a program which makes that application act in a way which wasn't supposed to be.

What is NOT a bug?

A bug is not:

  • A feature which you do not like.
  • A missing feature

Who are bug's fault?

The answer to this question isn't trivial.

A bug may be because a flaw in the main application's design. But the bug can also be in some of the libraries the main application uses, or even in any of the underlying layers, such as the Operating System, the emulator on which you are running the application or whatever you can think of.

I identified a bug. What's next?

If you are sure you found a bug, please report it.

How to report bugs?

Please read this article about how to report bugs.