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From end for amuled (aMule daemon)

It is a script written in perl with GTK2 module. Its intention is to be able to show a well-known icon that identifies the service, to be able to launch those applications that are part of the aMule project and they are linked with with the remote service.

In these moments, it calls to the aMuleGui, aLinkCreator and wxCas (if exists). Alone if they aren't working already. Also show the aMule log file in a separated window.

Everything is controlled with the mouse, pressing the left button, the application that we select is shown, with the right button, we are deployed a contextual menu, with the options list.

When starting up it checks that if in the local machine the aMule or aMuled is running, you can configure so that if it isn't, this starts up automatically (amuled).

It only works in GNU/Linux, although I was looking at the option of making it also work in Windows. Of the rest of operating systems, me don't know.

The requirements of the system, it usually shows them the own script when beginning. It tries to hunt the errors, to show the necessity for the standard exit. It also has a log system that they are overturned in a file, but only for each session, eliminating the previous one after each outburst.


  • Translations and to work with files of translations.
  • Interaction with amulecmd
  • That runs in windows.
  • it modify shared directories list
  • Searches and eLinks insert


This not, but here you have the perl script. You only have to copy it in a file with the name that you want, better, to give him execution permits and to execute it. First times you execute it from XShell to see if one needs some requirement.


The history of this script can observe it in this thread.

What will happen with him will be able see here, of course ; -)