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AMule SVN the latest developmental source code of aMule. You can get it as tar archive which is automatically updated from the developers' Subversion repository every night and can be downloaded from Or you can check it out from the mirror repository at Google Code.

There is also an unofficial Git repository mirroring the tarballs at which allows you tracking of the changes easily. To get a Git working copy from it, run git clone git://

Note: There are no guarantees that aMule SVN will compile and/or work properly. aMule SVN is a work-in-progress for users who want to keep up with the latest bleeding-edge developments. Use at your own risk!


Since 7th May 2007 a debian-dir is included in the tarball, so you can easiely create packages. Read this for details.


To create an RPM package from an aMule SVN source tarball, use the included "spec file" See spec file for more information.

Distro-specific sources

  • ArchLinux users can grab an unofficial amule-svn PKGBUILD and binary by following this link (No official support)
  • Debian users can add this unofficial repository to their source.repo file: See here for details.
  • Mac OS X users can find SVN builds by following the instructions in in this thread on the forum.