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ALinkCreator (ALC) is an application which will give you the ed2k link for files. It supports all of the ed2k links optional values and is very fast at hashing files.

There are two versions of ALinkCreator: the GUI version (windowed-style interface) named "alc", and the command line version (text-only interface) named "alcc".

Installing ALinkCreator

Many of not most distros have an aMule package in their repositories. If you install aMule by means of RPM, DEB, or other package management system, ALinkCreator will be included in the installation.

This is the easiest and preferred method of installing ALinkCreator.

Compiling ALinkCreator

If you have not installed aMule by means of a package, you will need to compile it from source.

ALinkCreator is not compiled separately; it is compiled at the same time you compile aMule by using the --enable-alc flag when you run configure. (See the Main Page for links to pages on compiling aMule for various operating systems).