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Hi Ohdear,

you are doing a good job here. If you want to do it more efficiently, please send me a personal message on the forum.


Sturedman -- 2008-10-15 21:26

How can I remove a page newly created by a SPAMmer? Right now after removing the SPAM there's an empty page left.

OhDear -- 2008-10-16

Try it now - I have raised your privileges.

To revert a vandalization of an existing page, simply click on "diff" in the recent changes list, and then on "rollback". Works only for one change however.

You can also block users, but it's only worth it if more than 1 spam comes from the same adress.


Stu -- 2008-10-16 20:08

Kry has globally blocked anonymous write access, in case you wondered where all the spam has gone. Anything still getting through should be posted by a registered user. Please ban him in such a case.

Cheers, Stu -- 2008-10-20 20:32

Oh, and I thought the SPAMmers were frustrated or at least went on vacation. Silly me! - Anyway, I think it was a good idea to deny anonymous write access and at least for the time beeing it seems to work.

OhDear -- 2008-10-20 21:08

Hmm, apparantly some script-kiddies are active right now, registering before vandalising the pages. Unfortunately I can see only the (obviously one-time) usernames, which I've blocked so far. I don't know the inner workings of the wiki but I suspect that the IPs would be helpful in these cases (to block them as well). Is there a way to do this?

Ah, and by the way: The server seems to be one hour in the future. A wrong timezone setting?

OhDear -- 2008-12-17 12:10

The new spam is looking pointless. No URLs for google-pageranking, just trash. Let's see, maybe they get bored.

Thank you for your good work!

Cheers, Stu -- 2008-12-19 17:11

After five days of vandalism they seem to have given up -- or at least taken a rest. Nothing bad within the last 24 hours.

OhDear -- 2008-12-21 08:58