Changelog 2.3.1

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Version 2.3.1 - The "unobvious evil date" version.



  • Show if a client shares its file list in client view


  • Various optimizations of memory usage
  • Access files for reading/writing via mapped memory (with custom exception handling)
  • Fix download of files > 1GB on ucLibc
  • Fix under Ubuntu
  • Fixed TCP obfuscation negotiation


  • Add option to ed2k link parser to display links in emulecollection
  • Added test case for the CTag class


  • Various fixes to new colour code
  • Allow user to select display of transfer rates
  • Extendable list-control settings save/load code
  • Drop assumption that last search keyword is a filename extension if length == 3
  • Instead of counting unicode characters in a Kad search now we use the UTF-8 byte count to determine whether the keyword is allowed or not
  • Use actual page size in mmap calls instead of a randomly selected number
  • Fix custom Crypto++ path not shown by configure
  • Make <IMG> tags in aMuleWeb HTML 4.01 conforming
  • Fix HTTP proxy authentication
  • Use -static for the tests too, when a static binary is requested to prevent configure succeed where compilation would fail
  • Configure now checks only for the tools and libraries needed for the selected components
  • Fix aMuleGUI looking for undefined switches
  • Fix the "blinking" in aMuleGUI's status line
  • Better reporting of Kad tag reading/parsing errors
  • Fix the unittests
  • Some code reorganization
  • Features/fixes ported from eMule:
    • Implement an alternate method to estimate the real user count in the Kad network, which is not based on our local routing table (0.49b)
    • Add double quote to word-boundary characters (0.50a)
    • Drop support for Kad 1.0 (0.50a)
    • Try to find the closest node alive (0.50a)
    • Fix a bug in Kad which would not enforce the search tolerance in certain cases (0.50a)
    • Change Kad to work better in small LANs (0.50a)
  • Remove the unimplemented "Create backup for preview" option
  • Add variables to preview command like in user event commands
  • Disable 'Show all comments' in the file's context menu if there are no comments/ratings available
  • Enable renaming (completed) shared files
  • Proper handling of %-escaped UTF-8 sequences in ed2k:// URIs
  • Drop support for nodes.dat version 0
  • Fix issue #1621: 'ed2k links containing unicode characters will cause the filename to be truncated'
  • Fix issue #1634: Change charset to UTF-8 in amuleweb template
  • Fix installation with denoiser enabled
  • Add support for automake's --enable-silent-rules feature (original idea by Gerd78)
  • Improved CFormat and enabled reordering of arguments for translators
  • Several fixes and improvements for the sanity checker script
  • Fix bfd detection
  • Add year bumper script
  • Move statistics from config to statistics.dat
  • New preference setting to show application version on the title
  • Fix man page installation for several languages


  • Part number is now an extra column in the download list
  • Improvements to preferences dialogs
  • Redesign skin selection


  • Sort downloads by time remaining now has shortest time on top and unknown on bottom


  • Fixed file locking between ed2k and aMule on Windows


  • Reworked user interface, separating download and upload views
  • Fix list double-buffering causing artifacts on refresh and when showing a context menu.
  • Fix indexes after removing GUI items
  • Fixes to Windows build
  • Allow compilation with wxCocoa
  • Replace Color.h by new class implementation MuleColour
  • Lower class overhead and use two-level cache for pens/brushes
  • Added aMuleCMD project for MSVC.
  • Fixed UnitTests and aMuleCMD in MSVC to use _CONSOLE subsystem.
  • Preferences changes
  • Fixed problem with uploading to lowid clients (szsuj)
  • Sorting lists (automatically or by user interaction) doesn't clear selection anymore
  • Fix client version display for MLdonkeys
  • Added Xcode project for MacOSX build
  • Fixed the centering of icons and text
  • Enable vertical toolbar orientation on WIN32 too
  • Option to resume next file alphabetically, keeping in mind categories and priority
  • Fixed crash when column gets removed
  • Show remote filename in source list
  • Fixed crash in upload thread on shutdown
  • Dynamic adjustment of threshold for rarity of download files
  • Option to prevent the computer from sleeping while downloading in MSW and MacOSX >= 10.5
  • Mac fixes
  • Fixed "out of memory" crashes caused by wxWidgets - so wxWidgets 2.8.12 is required now!
  • Show warning dialog if "Change language" is selected and no languages are installed
  • Added backtrace support for MacOSX
  • Add locale support in the mac bundle with updated scripts (translations are now supported on MacOSX builds)


  • php prefix for lex/yacc


  • Search results can now be sorted by "knownness" state.


  • Fixed issue #892: Show data sizes >= 1.0 GB with three digits.
  • Fixed search 'Stop' button not stopping Kad searches.
  • Check Kademlia search results against original criteria.
  • Allow Kademlia searches with repetitive keywords.
  • Allow adding current chat partner to friend list from tab's context menu.
  • Allow not downloading files via HTTP if the requested file is not newer.
  • Removed white boxes around file rating icons
  • Implemented public shared directory names only containing actually shared subfolders.


  • Patch to uniform and fix minor errors on man pages


  • Feedback from shared files - add number of clients on queue.
  • New stats server


  • Fixed assertion when trying to preview files smaller than 256 K.


  • Fixed for Bourne Shell

Stu Redman:

  • Sort source list on opening and add file name to A4AF files
  • MSVC: optional GeoIP support
  • Faster progress bars with less overhead (without pens/brushes)
  • Show log messages in remote gui
  • More info in the Kad tab
  • Improved gaplist performance
  • Ported chat captchas (receive and send) and "Advanced Chat Spam Filter" from eMule
  • Allow download of multiple search results if search list is sorted by status (thanks to DarkNRG)
  • Fixed CFile::SetLength for large files
  • Reduce file handle usage by closing part files after idle time
  • Speed up selection of shared directories with many subdirectories, fixed red marking of folders with shared subdirectories
  • Ban clients that uploaded bad data (based on CorruptionBlackBox from eMule)
  • Support wxWidgets 2.9
  • amuled for Windows (with wx 2.9)
  • Friends get recognized in the friend list control even if their IP has changed
  • Don't kick friend upload, don't kick release prio uploads (unless they take more than half of the slots), and don't kick anybody else unless necessary (with GonoszTopi)
  • Fixed crash in remote gui when aMule exits
  • Added more media file types from eMule
  • Allow the user to cancel the app if Temp/Incoming is not found
  • Show downloads as shares in remote gui
  • MANY fixes/implementations for amulegui
  • amuleweb for Windows (with wx 2.9)
  • Show connected friends in blue in the friend list
  • Show total upload/download ratio in statistic tree
  • Fixed category administration in remote gui
  • Implement directory preferences in remote gui
  • MSVC build for alcc, wxCas
  • Fixed errors and crashes on parsing ED2K links with '/' in them
  • Configure option --enable-fileview
  • Bypass amulegui connection dialog with switch -s / --skip
  • Fixed Core Timer
  • Allow passing of ED2K links by command line to aMule, aMuled and aMulegui, making ed2k program obsolete
  • Don't ignore current category in amulegui when pasting a link
  • EC tools (amulegui, amulecmd, amuleweb) can use a local config dir now
  • Fixed crash in file system detection in Solaris
  • Fix: window size/position didn't get saved on some systems
  • More command line options for aMulegui
  • Allow webserver autostart on Windows
  • Fixed crash in "Out of space" user event handler
  • ALCC prints links to stdout now instead of stderr
  • Fixed memory exhaustion on high speed uploads Thanks to RRM for endless patience!
  • Fix: Language English was not recognized and so reverted to "System default" at any change
  • Fixed printf output (unicode2char()) on consoles incapable of UTF8
  • Keep a list of all canceled files (canceled.met) and show them in magenta in the search list
  • Update status/color of search results on events from outside the search window (like download started from EC) and in amulegui
  • Enable update of IP filter list through aMulegui and aMulecmd
  • Enable setting of "Check for new version on startup" through aMulegui
  • Fixed crash in CClientList::ProcessDirectCallbackList that had been around for ages (hopefully)
  • Fixed size of large files in aMuleweb's search results
  • Show completed downloads in aMulegui
  • Fixed international file names on Windows
  • Fixed hangup of EC connection in aMulegui
  • Fixed category deletion in aMuled
  • Fixed several crash bugs in Webserver
  • Improved memory usage, load time and speed of IP filter
  • Load IP filter in the background on startup
  • Show when a Kad search is finished in aMulegui (remove '!')
  • Fixed "pause/cancel/resume all" in aMulecmd
  • EC ZLIB compression can now be turned off in remote.conf with EC/ZLIB=0
  • Terminate HTTP downloads on exit
  • Projects for Visual Studio 2010
  • Fixed crash in http download
  • Speed boost for reload of shared files with large list of known files
  • Resolve MSVC compilation problem with separate strings in GUI
  • Fixed splitter bars in download and share view
  • Allowed creation of ED2K source links in KAD-only mode
  • Make friendlist in chat window resizable
  • Removed lag (caused by language pref) when opening preferences dialog
  • "Swap all A4AF to this (auto)" doesn't block sources with no needed parts any more
  • Don't lock up in an infinite loop if all servers are not resolvable or blocked by IP filter
  • Clients now always get uploaded a full chunk (removed setting)
  • Tell the user that changes of EC settings require a restart
  • Deleted and readded download now get shared
  • Speed improvement for upload queue, and clients never have same rank anymore
  • Fixed ed2k links where '|' has been replaced with '%7C'
  • Fixed multi line stdin redirected as batch into amulecmd
  • Allow enable/disable of IP2Country through GUI
  • "Clear completed" button now only clears downloads in current category
  • Completed downloads can be seen and cleared in amulegui
  • Bold lines in log window now for Windows too
  • Allow setting of friend slot from client list control
  • Fixed saving of splitter bar positions
  • Get rid of "clearlooks_style_draw_box_gap" messages in console
  • Fixed several crash bugs caused by deleted client objects
  • Fix a small memory leak in Kademlia code
  • Fix occasionally sending junk at end of packets
  • Fix child items in search result getting inserted in wrong positions
  • Shared files don't lose all information when they get renamed
  • Fixed crash bug with sources which are incompatible with our encryption setting
  • Allow passing of links > 256 chars to amulecmd
  • Prevent flicker when sorting already sorted lists
  • Prevent creation of more than 99 categories, since that's the limit
  • Fixed saving of sort orders
  • Allow switching through files in file detail dialog
  • Improve performance when many small files are hashed
  • Fix: if a file had more than two copies shared it was hashed on every startup
  • Show directory in search list for "view shared files" searches
  • Safe writing of known.met and nodes.dat (don't overwrite existing until write is finished)
  • Show directory in search list for "view shared files" searches


  • Unify copyright lines
  • Fixed clean and distclean targets for make
  • Various Updates in debian/ see debian/changelog
  • Added crash handling in command-line tools
  • Fix for autoconf-2.64.
  • Make amulecmd help command work without connection
  • New translation concept for manpages
  • KDE Plasma applet to show stats
  • Fix warnings with latest autoconf (2.67)


  • Fix 'break/continue [n]' PHP implementation
  • Allow multiple download links in webserver


  • Simplify browser selection
  • Use DoIconize() for dclick on tray icon, too
  • Fix minimizing from tray icon
  • Add option to show chat messages in log
  • Add option to specify amuleweb binary location
  • Make EC authentication procedure more secure
  • Add support for categories to ed2k
  • Backup config file on shutdown

Special Thanks To:

  • Greek for his contributions to aMule's user interface.
  • btkaos for his important work finding the source of bugs.
  • myth for seeing when everyone else was blind and uncovering the grandfather of all fuck-ups
  • mirko.g for being so committed to compile aMule on Snow Leopard.