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Using real skins


aMule will soon support bitmaps skinning, allowing for anyone to change the icons and images displayed in it.


Since this is not yet implemented, nothing will be explained for the moment.

Using generic GTK skins

NOTE: Most Windows and MacOS X users will not need to read this chapter, since they won't be using GTK (allthough it is possible to compile aMule linked to GTK on both platforms).


aMule uses GTK, and the GTK library allows all widgets to by skinned. So we can use that to skin aMule.

This is a widget skinning. This means that you can change fonts, colours, shapes, sizes and behaviours of scrollbars, buttons, etc. But you won't be able to change aMule specific images and icons.

Have in mind that this will not only change the widgets aspect and behaviour for aMule, but for all other GTK applications.


First, you must know if you are running aMule linked to GTK1 or to GTK2. Just run:

amule --version

You will get something like this:

aMule 2.0.3 using wxGTK2 v2.6.1 (Unicoded) (OS: Linux)

The important part is wxGTK2. This means you are using GTK2. If you see wxGTK instead (notice there's no 2), then you're using GTK1.

Ok, now make sure you have switch (got GTK1 users) or switch2 (for GTK2 users). If you don't have it, install it.

By running switch/switch2 you'll be able to switch the GTK theme. Of course, you'll have to have some GTK theme(s) installed on your system.

You'll also be able to change the font and it's size if you click on the icon at the right of the switch/switch2 application.

Switch/Switch2 in Debian

Debian users can install gtk-theme-switch to get both switch and switch2.

Available themes for GTK1 users are all those whose names begin with gtk-engines-*, such as gtk-engines-pixmap(run aptitude search gtk1-engines to get all themes available for GTK1)

Available themes for GTK2 users are all those whose names begin with gtk2-engines-*, such as gtk2-engines-*, such as gtk2-engines-xfce (run aptitude search gtk2-engines to get all themes available for GTK2)