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How do I run XAS?

XAS is a plugin perl script for xChat2. To run it, just type /xas and watch the marvelous statistics it shows :)

Why isn't XAS working?

If you compiled aMule yourself and did a make install, XAS will be in /usr/local/lib/xchat/plugins instead of being in /usr/lib/xchat/plugins, so move it there. To do so, run (as super-user root):

mv /usr/local/lib/xchat/plugins/xas.pl /usr/lib/xchat/plugins/

I did what the above answer says, but it still doesn't work. What's next?

Make sure you are running xChat2, that is, version 2, not version 1. XAS is incompatible with xChat v1.

Yes, the plugin is where it should be, I'm running xChat2. Why is it still not running?

Last possibility is that you haven't enabled or installed at all the perl plugin for xChat2.

Install it and enable it. If you need help on this, check xChat's website or IRC channel #xchat at irc.freenode.net for some assistance.

So it's fine, it works. Can i disable it now somehow?

xChat doesn't provide any way to disable perl plugins one by one. The only way is to disable them all. So, if you have more than one perl plugin and only want to disable XAS, you'll have ot disable them all and then enable all of them except for XAS.

To disable all perl scripts type /unloadall in xChat.