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Compile wxWidgets without GUI dependencies

NOTE: I had success with wxall (a.k.a. wxWidgets) instead of using wxBase --Felipe1982 06:21, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

Download wxBase 2.8.12 or higher from unpack it, and do as user

  • ./configure --disable-gui --enable-unicode --without-subdirs --without-expat
  • make

as root

  • make install
  • ldconfig

Compile aMuled

Download aMule
Unpack it
As user type:

  • ./configure --disable-monolithic --with-toolkit=base --enable-amule-daemon --enable-amulecmd --enable-webserver
  • make

as root

  • make install

That's it. You now have a working aMule-daemon in /usr/local/bin

Configure aMuled

Start aMuled with the command amuled --ec-config to configure External Connections. Then you can use aMule AMuleWeb, AMuleCMD or another utility to control the daemon.

You'll find the configuration file in ~/.aMule/amule.conf after having run aMuled once. Please edit the file to change preferences.

Please read the aMuled FAQ for more information.