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Geaiez is known to be a client which repeteadly requests your shared files list. It has been rumoured to be an RIAA/MPAA/CIA/FBI client trying to (illegally) obtain a list of illegally shared files and the IP addresses of the people sharing them. This rumor is false. At the very least, not absolutely true.

Morpheus clients, based on mlDonkey, instead of generating a random 6 character default username, uses a specific username as the default (just as aMule uses or eMule uses This username is geaiez. In addition, older versions of mlDonkey clients apparently request for all shared files from all clients they connect to.

So, what seems to be a single client repeatedly requesting from you your shared files list, is, in fact, many clients requesting from you your shared files list every time they connect to you.

There is no evidence concluding that some government agency is behind those clients but you should always remain alert and do not allow other clients to obtain your list of shared files especially if you have anything private being shared (we assume you do not share stuff you are not permitted to share!).