Changelog 2.3.2

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Version 2.3.2 - The "don't close tabs" version.



  • amuleweb cookies read behind a "lowercase" proxy (http/2 compliant)


  • Read AICH root hashes from binary eMuleCollection files


  • Fixed configure of libpng when sh != bash


  • Allow any kind of file links in collections
  • Make UPnP log go to the appropriate category (#1681)
  • Use the C++ compiler to check for features we're about to use in C++ source files (#1572)
  • Adapt configure to handle subversion repository clones in mercurial and git
  • Fix bfd detection for systems missing -liberty
  • Add support for 'canceled.met' to the fileview tool
  • Implemented the missing 'show shared' command in amulecmd
  • Fix check for a valid locale config entry being done *after* the locale has been set
  • Fix Crypto++ detection routine happily using build library for host when cross-compiling
  • Fix bug #1711: Kad Info tab should display my own user ID
  • Fix wrong sized images in the priscilla skin
  • Fix bug #1423: Add the possibility to not create sparse files
  • Fix bug #1743: crash when importing part files
  • Review assertions in the eD2k and Kademlia code and remove those that could be triggered by a malformed incoming packet
  • Fix a possible uninitialized variable access and a definite memory leak in the UPnP code


  • Fix WinSock library version detection with MinGW-w64
  • Fix compilation with MinGW-w64


  • WebServer serves .json, .manifest and .appacache files

Mr Hyde:

  • Fix "Disable computer's timed standby mode" for MacOS 10.9 Mavericks
  • Compilation fix on Linux Slackware 64bit and MacOS 10.9.4
  • Fix configure on Mac


  • Add ability to use middle-click to close search tabs

Stu Redman:

  • Display hashing progress in progress bars
  • Assertion from background thread now prints a message and not just closes the app
  • Backtrace (crash or assertion) is written to logfile
  • Fix: disabling protocol obfuscation broke Kad and triggered assertions
  • Fixed "Prompt on exit" preference
  • Fixed country flags for Turkish localization
  • Fixed loading of zipped IP filter (#1674)
  • Fixed showing of shared files to other clients
  • Fixed assertions in CFormat("%p") on 64 bit OS with wx 2.9
  • Boost Asio can now be used as networking layer instead of wxWidgets
  • Fixed memory leak when AICH hashing already known files
  • New download links for server list and nodes.dat (with gav616 and xosevp)
  • Projects for Visual Studio 2013 (which is now the preferred Win32 compiler)
  • Fixed build with wx 3.0 (including STL build)


  • Fixed ASIO compilation with libcxx

Tianming Xie:

  • Fix for debian bug #795061: There is no rule to generate Scanner.h