Changelog 2.0.3

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Version 2.0.3 - The "Hell 2.0.3: Now with improved daemons!" version.



  • Enabled amuleweb to work from within the Mac application bundle
  • Fixed Online Signature not actually being enabled when user sets the preference.


  • Fixed #471 "compile error". Should compile on GCC4 again.
  • Fixed Solaris compilation error on XParseGeometry.
  • Fixed wrong MD5 hash calculation on 64 bits arch. This fixes storing the wrong EC/webserver password on config file.
  • Fixed unneeded GTK libs usage on aMule remote GUI.
  • Added a warning on gd-lib not found (progressbar not shown on amuleweb).


  • New daemon socket code, event based. Improved reliability and speed problems fixed.


  • Fixed #417 "Upload priority is changed for completed files."
  • Added new display filter "Active"
  • Display of QR and aMule OS info in "Clients Details" dialog


  • Fixed warning on EC disabled for aMule daemon.

Special Thanks To:

  • All the usual people.
You don't know who they are? Just check previous changelogs (just not the previous one, ok?) :P