Changelog 1.2.1

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Version 1.2.1



* Now amule shows icon on taskbar and main window
* amulecmd now compiles under win32 using dialogs to get port, hostname and password.
* Added clientversion on download list.
* Modified configure script and makefiles for faster compilation and smaller binaries.
* Fixed nasty download list bug due to memory corruption inside CUpDownClient class vars.
* Imported new acurate download speed calculation from eMule 0.30d.
* Moved docs to doc/ folder.
* Imported new GetNextRequestedBlock algorythm from eMule 0.30d.
* Ed2k links with hostname sources on it are processed now, and on a separate thread.
* Showing filename on CheckDiskSpace debug statement.
* Imported eMule's 0.30d SortByPriority to complete CheckDiskSpace import.
* Several addings to mfc.h file (MS MFC compatibility layer).
* We forgot to show A4AF sources on download list. Fixed now (eMule style, x/y+z (t)).
* New packet receiving handling should avoid high_dlspeed-> high_cpu. It also makes download more stable and faster.
* Modified script to notify users that automake < 1.7 is NOT supported.
* Imported CanAddSource(), AddSources(), IsGoodIP() and IsGoodIPPort() from 0.30d (new sources handling).
* Added plain password support to amulecmd.
* Updated amulecmd passwords to use MD5.
* New External Connection stuff to handle amulecmd & other remotes (alpha).
* Fixed some code causing strange errors when trying to connect to servers.
* Imported new network UDP features from eMule 0.30d, we process Search results and Found sources correctly now on 16.40 behaviour.
* Fixed lowid on restart introduced by himself on 1.2.0 ;).
* Code cleaning & optimising.


* Fixed segfault on call of CEMSocket::DisableDownloadLimit() from client if there is no socket.
* Fixed bug on mfc.h's CList.
* Added zlib fixes from eMule 0.30e code.


* Added new server list fetching via libcurl libs and wxThread, thus removing wget usage from amule.
* Modified configure to check libcurl presence.
* Changed thread file completion from pthread to wxThread.


* Several i18n stuff. We're more close to get i18n working.


* Patch for x86_64 arch. (GetTickCount)


* Found wrong ET_COMPATIBLECLIENT on aMule. Now we identify correctly as emule compatible client.
* Also did MLdonkey patch for recognising amule as new client brand.


* Typo and cosmetic changes on configure script
* Cleaned and optimised several files.


* Imported 'Copy ED2k link to clipboard (Source)' from eMule, this one permit to send an ed2k link with our ip address as source for the link.
* Imported 'Copy ED2k link to clipboard (Hostname)' from eMule, this one permit to send an ed2k link with our hostname as source for the link.
* Fixed handling of bad ET_COMPATABLECLIENT for buggy aMules clients (buggy are 1.1.1 - 1.2.0).
* Lot of code cleaning / indenting.
* Fixed clientversion on download list implemented by Kry.
* Added new mini icon for aMule clients in downloadlist, uploadlist & uploadclient.
* Defined 'deletethis' as 'bool' in ListenSocket.h.
* Fixed typo on Statistics window.
* Imported CheckDiskspace() from eMule 0.30c.
* Imported eMule's 0.30c A4AF (now more handled by Razor).
* Imported new file rating management from eMule 0.30c.
* Modified BaseClient.cpp to sync better with eMule 0.30c (added m_fSharedDirectories flag to stick with eMule code).
* Fixed bug on CPartFile::IsAlreadyRequested().
* Added new mini icon handling in downloadlist/uploadlist for aMule clients.
* Fixed bug in uploadlist.