Changelog 1.1.1

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Version 1.1.1 (defined on forum as [made with drugs (c) Kry 2003])



* Added zlib support.
* No more need to launch aMule with params for localized users we force the english language in the prog now (credits go to Eru).
* Fixed minor network bugs.
* Added SERVER_NET_DEBUG and NET_DEBUG mesages.
* Fixed TCP packet not being consumed if not readed.


* Fixes to search dialog and download menu.


* Added new toolbar icons made by deltaHF.
* Added new clients icons made by deltaHF.
* Reverted default minimum upload slots = 3, now slot allocation take effect if max upload >= 10kB/s.
* Fixes bad code branch escaping in Shared Files Window.
* Shared Files Window, Priority & Permissions in righ mouse click working like expected now.
* Mass Code Cleaning (no more compilation of wx/xrc shit we don't use anymore), my old binarie = 2.9Mb the new one = 2.5Mb.