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Version 2.0.0rc7 - The "99,6% Final" version



* Added session ratio and total ratio to XAS


* Got back from hell and changed one icon on the GUI ;)


aMule GUI:
* Fixed two almost-the-same bugs when clicked download button and no items where selected (as reported by powtrix/willy, thanks)
* Fixed a bug where up/down limits woudln't be displayed correctly if their string length were different
* Added 'list' (or 'find') command to search for a file in the downloads queue by name or by number (or just show all)
* Added the ability to resume/pause all downloads at the same time through amulecmd (very handy when all downloads have been paused due to lack of space)
* Fixed two bugs on amulecmd by which using 'pause' or 'resume' without arguments would pause/resume the oldest download.
* Fixed a bug so that help command no longer is send to core
* Fixed other commands sending blank data to core
* Cleaned unneeded output log messages + added sent command messages to log (for easier security monitoring)
* Several command simplifications on amulecmd to make it easier to use (while maintaining backwards compatibility).
* Lots of translations lacks


* Fixed broken compilation in SysTray.cpp with gcc 3.3.4.


* Fixed: Crashes related to animation deletion on http download dialog
* Fixed: 0-size server.met file crashing aMule on startup and on download.
* Fixed: GUI blocking on server connection.
* Fixed: The last (hopefully) "fixed minsize" bug. FileDetail dialog was growing :)
* Misc code cleaning.
* Mac:
* Enabling wxCocoa compilation
* Fixed: Secure Ident was not working on big endian archs.
* Fixed: ClientID endianess issues leading to faking low/high id
* Fixed: Several fields were not having correct size on preferences.
* Fixed: Curl preform_multi was crashing the http download dialog on Mac. This means server.met update and ipfilter update was crashing. Currently the fix disables 'Cancel' button on that dialog, while we wait for curl lib to fix this issue.


* Removed debug printf's in timer.cpp
* Fix for deadlock on connection timeout in ServerSocket.cpp
* Fixed assert when build with wx-cvs
* Added option for disabling SIGSEG handling: useful for debuging in amuled.cpp
* EMSocket.h cleanup
* Fixed unclosed sockets (CLOSE_WAIT) and few stability problems
* Make CEMSocket::OnReceive thread safe. MAX_SIZE reduced, cause even theoretically tcp can buffer up to 64K
* amuled fixes


* Fixed crashes on friendlist when keeping keys pressed
* Fixed one server not being removed when several servers selected
* Fixed access problems on deleting the ipfilter while accessing it


* Fixed '&' char next to Preferences in amuleweb web page, as reported by DreamWalker.
* ExternalConn: protected GETCATTITLE command from buffer overflow.
* Start removing unused code from ExternalConn.cpp.
* Fixed high CPU usage problem in amuleweb, thanks to jaguarwan for the report. Daemonizing amuleweb should be done using the -q switch.


* Implemented new hits system in wxCas to display and save download rate records.
* Changed wxCas layout to try to avoid display bug with wx-cvs
* Added translations update (Thanks to all translators)
* Removed wxCas documentation to slim source tree (now downloadable from berlios)


* Patch adding "Directory" column to the shared-files dialog.
* Patch to add "Swap to this file" option for sources marked as "Asked For Another File" on download queue.


* Better fix for amuleweb's high CPU usage problem. Now main thread only gets woken up when absolutely needed.


* Reinsured that the preferences will be saved upon clicking "Ok".
* Removed SSE2 specific optimizations from the embedded Crypto++ sources, they would break very easily and crash aMule.
* Fixed a bug where we would sometimes attempt to remove a client from the wrong file, resulting in dangling pointers and crashes.
* Ensured that the statistics-dialog would be updated when preferences relating to it where changed.
* Added sainity checks to category-loading, to avoid adding categories without incomming dir or name.
* Initial fix for crashes if aMule tried to share an inaccessible folder.
* The redraw problems on restoring from minimized state should be fixed.
* Fixed the shared-files list, which would draw columns regardless of whenever or not they were hidden.
* Fixed the progress-bars in the shared-files dialog. It should now work properly for both part and completed files.
* Fixed a bug in the ipfilter, where non-numeric chars on lines would cause wrong ranges of IPs to be filtered.
* Re-added the priority menu for servers, which had gone missing due to a mistake.
* Stopped the client-credits class from attempting to load older versions of the lists, which again would lead to mem-corruption.
* Fixed hidden columns on download queue, which would still be drawn.
* Added sainity checks to loading of clients.met file, since corrupted files would lead to potentially huge ammounts of mem-corruption.
* Added "Completed Sources" column to the shared-files dialog.
* Fixed a bug in sockets where disconnected sockets wouldn't be removed immediatly, but left to timeout instead.
* Fixed an end-less loop on the AICH thread if a file on the queue was removed from the list of shared files.
* Fixed an end-less loop when changing file-status by category.
* Fixed the auto-priority menu-item on the download list when multiple items where selected. It would un-set auto-priotity instead.
* A bit of optimization in CPartFile. More work will follow later.
* Properly initialized a number of variables.
* Fixed the column-width saving/loading which I managed to break shortly before rc6 was release. Whoops. :p
* Ampersands will no longer be doubled when lines are added to the log-view.

Special Thanks To:

* Translators in this release:
biger [HUN]: (Hungarian / hu_HU)
GhePeU: (Italian / it_IT)
mad_soft: (Spanish / es_ES)
Ogon: (Polish / pl_PL)
piarres: (Basque / es_EU)
powtrix/willy: (Brazilian / pt_BR)
punkyxd: (Catalan / es_CA)
stefanero: (German / de_DE)
Supersnail: (Dutch / nl_NL)
* Testers and bug reporters:
angel, BiByFoK,
bill_bool, boutros,
elui, Gaenya,
jolupa, ken_aMule,
mad_soft, Mig21,
one2one, powtrix,
RedDwarf, skolnick,
* Everyone at:
* All aMule users!!!