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Wiki reorganization


Unfortunately many pages in our wiki are outdated - they contain old information, tutorials don't work anymore in aMule 2.2.1 or recent SVN snapshots and some information are even incorrect now. To improve the quality of our documentation, old pages need to be reworked and outdated information replaced by improved and updated texts. aMule 2.1.3 is outdated, references to it (or even older versions) should be replaced by references to aMule SVN.

How can I help?

The easiest way is to read the wiki and add any outdated pages you find to the list below. Add a short note on what needs an update, please. If you feel comfortable doing more, have a look at the list of pages below and see which ones you could rework. Once the complaint is resolved, you can add a remark that you updated the page.

main page organization

Provide a more user centric approach and put advanced topics in the back. Only these information for the end user should be translated.

Information geared at advanced users and developers don't have to be translated, as our dev language is English anyway.

Pages in need of an update

List of outdated pages

outdated / incorrect translations

Style change

No Version sections

If you encounter any Version sections (created by, updated by), please delete them. These information are available to everyone using the history function. This doesn't mean that the work of all contributors is less recognized, but the layout is cleaner this way.

Language Links

The links to the translated articles should be written in the language of the target page, so any site can be visited by any user. A french user can find the french version of the page, even when he enters the wiki on a korean article. The links should be ordered aphabetical depending on their language-appendix.

  • No appendix: English
  • -cn: Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
  • -da: Dansk
  • -de: Deutsch
  • -es: Español (write Español)
  • -fi: Suomi
  • -fr: Français (write Français)
  • -hu: Magyar
  • -it: Italiano
  • -ko_KR: 한국말
  • -nl: Nederlands
  • -pl: Polski
  • -pt_BR: Português (write Português)
  • -ru: Русский (write Русский)
  • -tw: Traditional Chinese (正體中文)

To be continued.

The Links to the translation on the main-pages should dissappaer. A user can change to the main-page of his language. The articles should link to just the version in their lang. If it's not aviable in the corresponding lang, it should be linked to the english version, and marked with (en) after the name.