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'''[[aMule]] [http://macosx.apple.com MacOS] tester'''
'''[[aMule]] [http://www.apple.com/macosx/ Mac OS X] tester and support person'''
<u>Main [[aMule]] concerns:</u>
<u>Main [[aMule]] concerns:</u>
*Testing [[aMule CVS]] releases
*Mac [http://www.amule.org/wiki/index.php/AMule_devs#Testers Tester]
*Fixed large amounts of typos in [[Main Page|aMule's wiki]]
*Mac support
*Provider of [[aMule SVN]] builds (see [http://forum.amule.org/thread.php?threadid=5051 here])
*Typo hunter for [[Main Page|aMule's wiki]]

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aMule Mac OS X tester and support person

Main aMule concerns: