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Satisfied amule user since September 2004.

I am also known as ezeltje in the forum (ezel means "mule" in Dutch, in case anyone is wondering).

Things I have done there:

  • created the Events pages with the example script
  • reorganized AMuleWeb and rewrote the intro

and other smaller fixes elsewhere...

Here is a simple script to remove the obligatory command-line parameter you need to use to run aMule CVS:

/*bin/true;exec rexx "$0" "$@";exit # REXX */

/* --------- amuleCVSfx --------- */

   run this script in ../amule-cvs
   It will modify src/amule.cpp and save the 
   original at src/amule.cpp~

FileIn  = "src/amule.cpp"
FileOut = "colin.tmp"
Found   = 0

do while lines(FileIn) > 0
	OneLine = lineIn(FileIn)
		if pos("!cmdline.Found",OneLine) > 1 & Found <> 1 then
			call LineOut FileOut, "//	------ Commented out by amuleCVSfx ------ "
			call LineOut FileOut, "//" OneLine
			do i = 0 to 4
				OneLine = lineIn(FileIn)
				call LineOut FileOut, "//" OneLine
				i = i + 1
			Found = 1
			call LineOut FileOut, OneLine
if Found = 1 then
	"mv -f"  FileIn FileIn || '~'  "2>&1"
	"mv -f"  FileOut FileIn  "2>&1"
	say "Fixed!"
	say "Not found"
	"rm -f" FileOut

You need to run it in the ../amule-cvs directory before issuing the "make" command.

It is written in Rexx, so you will need to have a Rexx interpreter on your system to run it. To install Rexx in Fedora, type yum install oorexx. For Ubuntu, type apt-get install rexx-regina. Other distros probably have Rexx in their repositories under one name or another.

I originally wrote it as a shell script, but file I/O works much better in Rexx, which is designed for this kind of thing.